Good Sports Day

It’s probably a good day when you can check out of reality for a couple of hours.

Mapleleafs technically still alive.

Go whoever-the-maple-leafs-are-playing.

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Toronto lost. So did Edmonton, lol. Oh well.

Las Vegas knocked out Edmonton. I’m rooting for Vegas because their coach, used to coach the bruins and was fired last year, which was ludicrous. It would be nice if the bruins lost in the first round and their fired coach wins the Stanley cup in a city that doesn’t know what offsides is. I’m a bruins fan, but I’m rooting for him. Serves the bruins right for firing him.

I just can’t get into hockey. I try but I just don’t care. I don’t care about any professional sports. I care about riding my bicycle around Vancouver. That’s real sport. Some elite zillionaire throwing a ball somewhere doesn’t interest me at all.

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That’s a good idea. Go find a winding highway and take a long, slow ride around the city. Maybe it will release some endorphins.

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I like to ride in the city. I dislike nature. This is where we often ride.


It’s a great way to live. I will watch the local teams if they make the finals lol. The celtics are close.

Me too, but our teams never make the finals so I’m safe. lol.

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Posting for no reason. I am in awe of these guys.

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lol yes i’ve seen this before, great video and some of these comments :wink:

“One of two things is clearly happening here. Either the ostrich is intrigued by the fast human and just wants to play, or the ostrich is an insurance representative and just wanted to contact the man about his car’s extended warranty.”

“Cyclists: “hurry he’s gaining on us!” Ostrich: “wait you dropped your wallet””

The celtics have come back from down 3-0 in the series to tie it 3-3. They have s chance for the greatest series comeback in NBA history Monday night.

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Djokovic is entirely unbowed by all the fuss around his various controversial opinions, it seems.

“Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. Stop the violence.”
I don’t want to take anything away from Djokovic. He obviously feels an important connection between Kosovo and Serbia, but, it could be said that Ukraine is the heart of Russia. Why do we have to support a war to prevent Ukraine from being re-annexed with Russia? What is the difference?

Well, Kosovo has always traditionally been part of Serbia, at least for the 900 years of Serbia’s history (much longer than the US or Canada have existed as nations).

The problem is that Kosovo is now dominated by Albanian Muslims who hate Serbs and want their own country. They got their way with western support not that long ago. Since then, they have behaved like a bunch of thieves and thugs, oppressing the Serbian minority and breaking every agreement they made with the Serbs.

At this point, I sympathize with Serbs who feel their country has been split, but I would also caution them about wanting 2 million Muslims back in the borders of their nation. They are much better off with those Muslims in their own country. If I was Serbia, I would make an effort to repatriate all ethnic Serbs and then build a wall on the Kosovo border.

Well now I’m really confused. Is that what they want and why is NATO fighting there?

Can that even happen with NATO provoking them?

Ok, I’ll try to explain. Serbia (without Kosovo) has just under 7 million people, 95% of whom identify as Christian of some sort or other. Kosovo has 2 million people, 95% of whom identify as Muslim. If Serbia retakes Kosovo and makes it part of Serbia, it will obviously go from having a tiny 3% Muslim minority to having a huge 25% Muslim minority. For me, the cost is too high. Let the land go.

The wall is childish nonsense from me. Nobody is talking about a wall. I think they should build a wall, but they won’t. And no, it’s likely not possible with NATO peacekeepers there.

Lol@peacekeepers. The biggest fraud perpetuated on man. How are they keeping the peace if NATO is clashing with Serbs?

The celtics lost by 20, at home. Oh well.