Good Sports Day

If this is a sport, perhaps it should be banned.

Czechia played well but Canada won in the end. Two golds in a row.

We might eventually get to the point where swimming and track and field are the only sports left. It’s kind of nice to see youth sports falling apart.

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Really? You don’t think children should play games?

Gym class is fine.

yayy today its time for the 1000m and mass start races

doubt it will be as exciting as yesterday though; besides some expected results and well earned medals there was fun and drama with our dutch women easily winning and then being disqualified because ankles were showing!? lol
and the sympathic favourite canadian dubreuil getting beat by that amazing 18 year old american stolz

complete domination by the dutch women getting allllll the gold :wink:

This is a very important sport. I am happy you keep us up to date on all the developments. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of it.

you are very welcome and dont worry about canada not getting any gold… they did get 1 silver and 5 bronze!

Yes, I was very happy about that. I followed it closely as it made big news here.

yes major news!

That was funny. Well, not funny for the batter but funny for me.

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Jomboy did a breakdown.

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Do you have to watch ufc tonight?

Yes. But I want to for a change. Usman vs Edwards. They fought a few months ago and Usman totally dominated until Edwards landed a lucky kick to the head and won the fight. This is the rematch. I bet Isa $10 on Usman. lol.

God, Edwards won again. Incredible. I’m down $10. lol.

Djokovic isn’t going to add the Miami Open to his collection this year.

I’m glad the land will be used for something else. I’m not sure I wanted it to be a target distribution center. Hopefully it creates a bunch of jobs and brings in a bunch of money. I guess the driving range and pro shop are staying open.

Judging by how the town is talking about them selling, I’m sure they are glad it’s over.