Good Sports Day

Oh, Nico’s just being an irritating Dutch twit. He can’t help it.

Humanity is part of all sport. The best play never matters, or we’d watch chess games between computers instead of being interested when one human blunders against another human or yet another is accused of cheating. The fastest play also never matters. We all watch intently when Usain Bolt flies through the 100m even though our neighbour’s German Shepherd can do it faster.

And yes, the women are beautiful, and it amuses me that Nico thinks my appreciating that is somehow wrong.

lol while i do think there is a difference between watching the beauty of a game itself and looking at bodies of people… no i do not think there is anything wrong with that

it just amuses me that reg is like one of those old grannies that watch an old soccer match that was played a month ago… only to look at the legs of the players :wink:

oh well perhaps max verstappen will crash and retire from racing and then you will wonder if next year hamilton might become a champion again and you can get excited and start watching that in 2 years? lolol

I stopped watching F1 when Hamilton started wearing dresses a few years ago. I couldn’t get over that. I know it is normal in the Netherlands and Nico probably does it in private (and possibly in public) but it’s too much for me.

I think the best thing about being an old man is that I can appreciate a beautiful woman without wanting to own her. Young men aren’t capable of that.

well its end of october and still 20 celsius so i guess i could try and wear a nice mini skirt? lol
but somehow that doesnt work for me… unlike a certain other person on this site iam not someone that shaves their legs or their balls :wink:

Back to the important topic of women’s volleyball, I don’t know her name but this is clearly the best player in the world.

lol thats lee da yeong

her (twin) sister Lee jae yeong dances too:

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Dear God, that’s hotter than Zehra Gunes. lol.

lol am surprised you didnt mention that ukrainian girl (yuliya gerasymova - thank you uncle google)

She looks great but Zehra has something about her that I just find very attractive.

It’s not just her, either. Hande Baladin is beautiful, too. And Simge Aköz. The Turkish team just has a lot of style.

lol what are they even saying? oh wait nevermind, i forgot… you prefer eye candy over skill lol

I couldn’t care less what they are saying, true. lol.

He wouldn’t if he had the wherewithal to think about it first.

That’s great because that little hotty looks like your wife. :face_with_peeking_eye: I may be wrong about that though. I’ve been wrong many times in my life. Perhaps we should call in another person to take a :eyes:. Preferably a male, right lol right.

You’re not wrong. Isa looks better, though. :slight_smile:
EDIT: In the photos below, Isa is 20 years older than Hande Baladin.


I didn’t say it was her but it’s good to know we both recognize natural beauty and you are not wrong, either. Isa is beautiful.

qatar will be fun! :wink:

Djokovic got a visa for Australia. A year later lol.


I’m glad about that. I just like him because the Aussies hate him.

This guy is suing the nfl, espn, the la chargers, and the la rams because there were some chords underneath that mat.

Perhaps golf should be banned.