Good Sports Day


It was pretty boring. I didn’t care who won.


I didn’t know it was happening until Dan posted who won. lol.


I am looking forward to the day the NFL no longer exists. Probably in 20 years. This might help it lol.


I agree totally, and I hope most other pro sports go with it.


This 7 year old, Rudolph Ingram Jr. just ran 100m in 13.48 seconds. He would probably make more money in football than sprinting, but apparently he is pretty smart, so hopefully he keeps on sprinting. I’d love USA to have the second best sprinter of all time. We might already.


Including 4 of his 6 rings.

Too bad he was a laker. He’s had quite a life. I do wonder how long he will live. He is black, so he has that going against him. He is 7’2" so he has that going against him. He is muslim, so he has that going for him. He seems quite intelligent and has a lust for life, so he has that going for him. My guess is he will maximize his life as long as his 86 inch black body can give him.


He always struck me as a pretty straight up guy. No drugging whoring etc. Unlike me.


It is interesting how our society has evolved on that. When I was growing up, we celebrated people who got their shit together after screwing up in youth. Now you have to be a 40 year old virgin to be a public figure.


My sister was the Pearl Pureheart virgin good girl until the reached about 30. Then all hell broke loose. It’s gonna come out. Might as well do it early.


My problem isn’t with people who mess up and then get it together. My problem is with a society that feels every sin is now unforgivable for life.

My favorite example is Al Franken. His career is over for…well, nothing at all. There are thousands of others. He’s just one of the more blatant examples.


Mike Trout just signed for 12 years, 430 million USD. Perhaps, I should try a career change and switch to professional baseball.


Macgregor under investigation for sexual assault. He just quit fighting. So he cheats on his wife, rapes women and is a racist. Maybe he’ll go to jail. Or it could be a hush money thing.


He also has enough money to go to some non extradition country and buy a mansion and harem and wait out the statute of limitations.


20 years ago today. Could have called an offensive foul on his scrotum.


Tiger woods in serious contention at the masters. It seems like everyone is rooting for him now. Would be quite a comeback. He could barely walk a few years ago.


That’s nuts.


Fingers crossed.