Good Sports Day


Apparently, Fury should have won the fight and was robbed. Seems to be the norm in boxing. You need to KO to win. Ended in a draw.


I didn’t even know it was going on. I read about it after you posted and it seems Fury was knocked down twice. Tough to get a scoring break if you’re on your butt twice.


I would have rooted for wilder over fury, not knowing anything about either. I root for black boxers from the US. Except for Mayweather. Unless, he is fighting macgregor. Then I guess I have to root for him.


Tyson Fury just donated his entire pot to the homeless. 8 million euro. I take back who I’d root for, lol.


That’s racist. lol. I’d have rooted for Fury as well if I had known that.



I love sports. Especially boxing! There is nothing like 2 men expressing hatred toward one another in a boxing ring.


I know you would like to join in and have an adult conversation but I’m not really up for it right now. I will let you know with certainty when I’m ready for your empty words to lul me to sleep.