Good Sports Day


Apparently, Fury should have won the fight and was robbed. Seems to be the norm in boxing. You need to KO to win. Ended in a draw.


I didn’t even know it was going on. I read about it after you posted and it seems Fury was knocked down twice. Tough to get a scoring break if you’re on your butt twice.


I would have rooted for wilder over fury, not knowing anything about either. I root for black boxers from the US. Except for Mayweather. Unless, he is fighting macgregor. Then I guess I have to root for him.


Tyson Fury just donated his entire pot to the homeless. 8 million euro. I take back who I’d root for, lol.


That’s racist. lol. I’d have rooted for Fury as well if I had known that.



I love sports. Especially boxing! There is nothing like 2 men expressing hatred toward one another in a boxing ring.


I know you would like to join in and have an adult conversation but I’m not really up for it right now. I will let you know with certainty when I’m ready for your empty words to lul me to sleep.


Andy Murray retired from tennis today. Perhaps the whiniest athlete of all time. Good sports day.


I don’t follow men’s tennis but British and whiny are usually redundant terms.


The patriots won again yesterday. To me, they are by far the worst of the 4 teams left. The cowboys, colts and eagles all lost, so it was a great weekend for sports. Even, if I didn’t see one minute of it, lol.


That’s how I “watch” sports. I read the sports news after it’s over.



lol, try getting away with that today.


This was 9 years ago I think.

The Patriots made the super bowl. This would be a bonus. We’ll see what happens.


Video blocked by NFL.


Ah. Have to click on watch on youtube. It’s just Peyton Manning throwing a pick 6 against New Orleans. One of the biggest plays in superbowl history. I was clearly rooting for the Saints, or I wouldn’t have posted it, haha.


The Patriots won. The rams scored 3 points. Not much sleep for us in new England, but we are pretty happy. We are a sports area, but before Brady and belichiik, the Patriots were pathetic. Zero championships in 35 years. Now 6 in the last 17. Amazing how quickly you get fans by winning. I don’t remember this being a football area when I was a kid. The pats will probably stink in a few years. Some of their fans have never seen that. I guess we will find out if it’s become a football area then.


Good for New England. I am surprised how little news it made. I guess another Patriots win isn’t news anymore.


True. If you were not a pats fan, it was probably the most boring super bowl of all time. We keep beating LA at everything.