Because the globalist agenda is to remove meat from our diet, I questioned if this was true. I actually don’t think it is but then people globally are waking up to the negative effect of meat and difficulty in digesting it, so who knows. It would help to resist eating it if the dish doesn’t look appetizing and this dish doesn’t so it would be easy for me to pass. I wonder how it smells. If it smells like sauerkraut…:nauseated_face::face_vomiting:.

Typical German protest.

A military officer has been accused of blowing up the Nord stream pipeline but I have my doubts. He was under investigation for abuse of power when the pipeline was blown. Why would his superiors task him to that job while under investigation?

Also, I posted this here because I’ve tried to find something about German response to, and how the media is reporting, this news. Does this appease them because they cautioned against hasty judgment in the investigation back in March.

Germany government stands with Israel, at least until their Nov. 17 meeting with Turkey. This is kind of important because you know the Nord Stream Pipeline and the energy crisis its destruction created, especially for Germany will probably be an influential topic.

Now this is real progress.

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Don’t let that climate progress fool you because you know they didn’t take the Highway out. That just rerouted it somewhere else.
At least Germans did something constructive with their tax dollars. The U.S. taxes Americans to do pointless studies in other countries that we will never benefit from.

The one that irritated me the most was the 8 mile bike trail they built at our expense. When I Googled, I learned that they didn’t request enough blood, sweat and tears from Americans and still needed more, which makes me wonder how much is enough for greedy, wealthy, mafia-styled socialites who resist the challenge to even strain out a gnat.

Good. Do that. That’s a total positive. Leave our beautiful spaces for people, not cars.

That’s what I say. Build those highways around cities with big buildings and leave the beautiful spaces in their natural state.

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Beckenbauer just died. Germans idolized him even though he was clearly a tax cheat and fraudster.

Isn’t Boris Becker a tax cheat too?

Yes, it’s a German thing.

God, the Germans are gushing. Make me vomit. From tax cheat and fraudster to Saint Franz, now.

The Germans have legalized marijuana. This is good. I encourage Germans to use marijuana. The Dutch, too.

That’s probably the correct decision, but I won’t use it until I retire.

That’s a strong accusation but probably true.

There was also a comment in this article about Germany being a resurfaced adversary of Russia but I don’t know the history.

RT also covered that story. It’s pretty stunning. Germany effectively wanted to blow up the Crimea bridge and make it look like the Ukrainians did it.

Yes, but the question is why. Did it have something to do with Ukraine. I mean, if they had intentions to blame Ukraine, it must be about some beef they have with Ukraine. In the other hand, it could be something from an historic clash between Germany and Russia. Who knows! The only confrontation between the two that I’m familiar with is the Holocaust. I suppose if I hadn’t skipped school so much that last year I might have better understanding of what gave rise to their plot to blow up the bridge.

I don’t think that’s it. I think Germany was doing Ukraine a favour but didn’t want anyone to know they did it. Ukraine is already at war with Russia so if it looked like they did it, nobody would be surprised. Ukraine would probably even welcome credit for the apparent “victory”.

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Looks like German intelligence has tainted the their justice system.