oops gotta stay on topic uhm germany uhm…dont mention the war!

i wonder how quickly the coming remake will be cancelled… :wink:

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That’s from 2 years ago. Most places have dropped the vaccine mandate since then.

Yes, I know. I just thought it was strange that they don’t want you to die before they can kill you.

Well, the idea was that they didn’t want you to kill the hospital staff that was about to kill you.

I could almost believe you if hospital staff weren’t already vaccinated. Unfortunately, I have this crazy belief that they deliberately wanted to vaccinate suiciders for personal gain before a suicider can die at the hands of another human, much like aborting a baby but not before taking their heart out in order to personally profit from their organ.

You’re correct, that’s crazy.

Even if the staff is vaccinated, their chances of getting Covid are lower if the person they are treating is also vaccinated.

What if a person is terminal and suffering? You think that staffs right to protection against a virus is greater than a terminal persons right to die?

Yes, I do think that. What can be a valid reason for a terminally ill assisted-suicide patient refusing a vaccine? It may have long term side effects? Just get the vaccine and then get your lethal injection.

An urgency to die. So you would deny that right to your friend that died of cancer last year?

What nonsense. I’d lay odds any of those facilities would have given the patient a vaccine on the spot, then the lethal injection a few minutes later. Those vaccine requirements were blanket requirements for anyone to enter a hospital other than as an urgent care patient. I got my vaccine card immediately, on the spot, with no waiting. I doubt the Germans are less efficient.

Beyond this, I don’t think you understand how assisted suicide works. Scott was told months in advance that his cancer was inoperable and would kill him. He was told that assisted dying was an option available to him if life became unbearable. He thought long and hard about that, for months, before doing it. He was told clearly that he could do it as a patient in the hospital (no vaccine required) or at a hospice (vaccine required) or at home (no vaccine required, but there was a charge for the doctor and staff to go there). He was fine for money and chose home.

I don’t doubt that.

Apparently the German president is visiting. I had no idea. Now that I know, I don’t care.

You should.

Your government does.

I don’t blame the Germans. They get the worst of the immigrants. Someone needs to tell RT that we don’t use adjectives to modify verbs in English.

I’m slightly surprised the Dutch didn’t win the perversion contest, but if any country was going to beat them, it’s the Germans. “Gay Mecca where sex is the new religion”. How nice.

Me too. I thought the Dutch cornered the market on perversion.

thats not perversion, this is:

450 abusers and no one will hold the lawless accountable. That’s so sick and dangerous for the world.