As ridiculous as Canada’s lack of free speech is, at least we’re better than Germany. In that country, simply sharing accurate government data can be hate speech.

Germany will not follow France.

Remember all the rape that happened on NYE in Cologne and how the media covered it up until social media was filled with stories and pics of the mayhem.

I remember that from 2015/16. Since then, there have been two elections in Germany (2017 and 2021). In 2017, the voters re-elected Angela Merkel, who let all those Muslims in, and then in 2021, they moved further left yet with Olaf Scholz.

Germany is in a bad situation. They desperately need immigrants, but they are getting the worst possible immigrants (Muslims from North Africa with no skills). Unlike Canada’s immigrants, German immigrants are unlikely to contribute much to the German economy. At the same time, if they don’t bring in immigrants, they will die as white people have stopped breeding worldwide.

Current UN projections are that in 2100, Germany will have declined in population by 12%, and a quarter of Germans will be Muslim. Even worse, most white Germans will be ancient. Most of the young people will be non-white Muslims. I won’t live to see it but the Islamische Republik Deutschland is a real possibility.

The ADF is so bad that P.P. the Tory party leader forbids his MP’s from talking to them. Some of them are very pro Hitler unfortunately. I think immigration in Canada should be cut to 50,000 a year the building I lived in Newton there was a guy named Ali from Africa his Mom and older brother worked FT he did no volunteer work or paid work for 3 years I knew him he went to a job training course called PICS and somehow got expelled. 4 times I told him about Best Personnel where I worked PT for 7 years but he wasn’t interested. The recent Nijjar murder in Surrey and the big gold hiest in Ont all those arrested were immigrants in the Nijjar case they were in the country 3-5 years did not work one day. I know you and your wonderful wife are immigrants but I think immigration should be cut back to 50k a year.

I owned two data centers, in Surrey and Coquitlam, respectively. I hired hundreds of people over the years. We could never find locally born staff. White kids don’t want to work. That’s my reality. I now have several up & coming businesses as clients and I know all of them very well. I socialize with them. All of them, without exception, can’t find locally born staff. If we cut immigration to 50k, our economy would collapse. We already can’t fill the jobs we have with a million immigrants a year.

Sure, cut refugees. That’s fine with me. I’m for that. Deport new immigrants who don’t work. I’m for that, too. But cutting immigration of workers is suicide.

White kids can’t help it. The WEF indirectly provides them with drugs and a PlayStation.

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I almost didn’t click your video. I’m glad I did, although his point was totally different than the one you are trying to make. The WEF is not providing kids with drugs or computer games, directly or indirectly, nor are they responsible for the laziness of western kids.

On his actual point, that guy was dead on. The biggest problem facing the human race will be what to do with all these useless people who can’t do anything better than a computer or robot.

We will be able to feed them. Robotic farming will make food effectively free. We will be able to house them. Robotic construction will make housing effectively free. This will take a new economic system but we can do that.

What we can’t do is give a man a reason to wake up in the morning. Make him feel as though he’s worth a damn, because in all honesty, he won’t be anymore. Nobody will depend on him. Nobody will count on him. When he dies, nobody will be affected at all.

Drugs and computer games sounds like a good guess.

I wasn’t trying to make a point. I was making a joke. You just don’t get it.

How do you know? Are you a part of the WEF?

Why would you say that? People create robots.

Free but at what price? The destruction of humanity by AI?

At least apart from AI, man would feel.

Soon robots will create robots and then we’re screwed.


Technically, robots have been creating robots for years on the assembly line. They are just advancing to next level technology.

Now that gives you a real feeling of hopelessness. Truthfully, I feel that way, too. Society will have to find a way to destroy AI completely before it destroys us.

I don’t use AI and don’t feel hopeless. I asked AI for the Guerra stats and it gave the wrong answer. Google gives the correct answer no problem. The technology of course needs a watchful eye. Have met ppl online who like talking to bots even after they are shown it is a bot guess their life is that lame.

We won’t. We were born at the right time, Michele. We’re the same age. We’ll be dead before it gets really bad, I think. I hope.

Are we reading the same news, watching the same events unfold? Especially in Israel. Do you not see the devaluation of the dollar? To me, it’s getting badderer.

It’s already almost double.

I just meant we were born at the right time because we’ll probably be dead before it gets really bad.