Even in quarantine, Germans make time for their favorite pastime: whipping themselves a bit over the holocaust which almost none of them were even alive to see.

Come on Reg! This thread is being insensitive and anti-shem-itic

The worst about this thread of Yours is:

  • Your freaking thread “Germany” will auto-generate about six million memes tonight in my head depriving me of my sleep again…

I am hating it already…

Oy vey, I just realized my dead grandfather was carrying a gun in WWII, can You even believe how insensitive and even racist this had been?

He could have caused harm to jeeeeewwwwws with this massive thing he was carrying around…

(I was refering to his gun…)

I neither deny nor justify the holocaust, Daniel, but it is over. Everyone who was killed is now dead. Everyone who did the killing is either dead or might as well be by now. Nobody left alive did anything wrong. It’s time to move on.

Oy gevalt, there can never be a more current affair than the holo.
Everybody disaproving is just superimposing annudah shower on me

Ok, back to Germany, it seems they’ve stopped laughing at Chinese tourists for wearing face masks.

They will introduce gas masks to Germany yet again?
Oy vey, this is just annuddah…

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I am sold to this model

I have actually wondered if this new world we are creating will start having fashionable face masks. Maybe the bloody Muslims will finally look chic.

EDIT from Google:

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LOL, neither the polyester mask nor the “fashionable masks” seem to have any medical benefit at all.

I am undecided about this issue.

White nuts-io-natist rule #88:
Though shalt not shut down anything that still is able to trigger meme magic for the goy to enjoy…

I have been looking for a chess face mask. Or possibly Simpsons. Nothing great there.

One good thing has come out of this pandemic. The Germans can’t whip themselves into a frenzy of guilt on the 75th anniversary of something that happened long before most of them were born.

They also seem to have a lower mortality.

UK now has worse mortality than Italy.

cant really compare the numbers of different countries since there is a lot of different reporting going around; uk’s numbers only include some corona deaths from carehomes and they are added 2-3 weeks later

i talked to some belgian friends about why they think their numbers are so high and it turned out that belgium also includes suspected! corona deaths while most other countries only include verified deaths

also some countries only include the deaths in hospitals and dont count corona deaths in care homes (which in some countries is about 50-60 percent of the total amount of deaths!)

not to mention american hospitals getting more money if they report corona as the cause of death…

From what I’ve read and from doctor’s videos I’ve seen on Youtube (one of which I think I posted here), most countries (including both the US and Canada) do not require a positive COVID-19 test to have it listed as the cause of death.

That makes sense. If we get a patient that we know is definitely covid positive, we don’t even test them.

Is anyone here a hamburger, or one from hamburg? Berliner?