yes they donate money to governments and let those government forces wear those silly blue un helmets

That’s funny, thinkingaboutit, in an ironic kind of way but it’s absolutely true. Christianity and Islam are going to merge into one for a new order this year. The headquarters has been identified. I’m sure you can find it if you Google.

islanity will be the major religion in the world? :wink:
(i like that name because it sounds like insanity)

lol first hit on google when i searched for nwo headquarters:

2nd is even better:

Yeah, it’s going to get that way, according to the Bible. :grimacing:

reggie offers:
no info
no opinion
no guess
just a “look i’m aware of 587% of things!”
reggie knows frequency from his days of eating ham radio

Some guy streamed his landing on the Nepali flight that crashed. He didn’t realize he would be streaming the last few moments of his life.

This is probably the biggest news of the day. Thank Trump for this. China realized that it can’t count on the USA as a supplier after Trump’s childish antics and so they created their own airline industry.

Thank you Donald Trump!

The international market is questionable given that neither European nor US regulators have authorised the use of the aircraft, said Greg Waldron, Asia managing editor of the industry publication FlightGlobal.

I doubt China cares about this little bitty insignificant obstacle.

I know I wouldn’t care if I was them. I hate to break this to you, Michele, but the large majority of the world will embrace these Chinese jets which will surely come in at prices lower than American jets, and will surely soon drive down the demand for European and American jets.

In a way, yes, thank you to the fat orange idiot. He thought he was harming China. He didn’t. He made them much, much stronger than they ever were, with a viable computer chip industry, an airline industry, a phone industry and a total lack of reliance on the US dollar. This was horrible for the USA but it may be good for the world, as the US can’t be trusted to not reelect the fat fool.

I have no problem breaking this to you. Anyone who has ever bought a Chinese product knows better than to purchase a flying object from China, unless they have a depopulation agenda in progress.

LOLOLOLOL…you are so full of it!!! Trump tariffs did not make China strong. Those tariffs were implemented for American strength over unfair trade practices. Horrible is a weakened government under Biden, who has made China brave, which has truly made me afraid for my country.

True, but the Orange Idiot was too stupid to see they would achieve the opposite effect, as they did.

Well, that certainly is what Democrats want you to believe.

It is what anyone can see, Michele. When Trump became president, China had no significant phone industry. They had no chip industry, either for computers or phones. They had old school supercomputers. China ranked #6 in auto exports. It had no airline industry. It had no shipbuilders in the top 10 and bought most of its big ships from Korea. China did most of its foreign trade in USD.

After Trump, China is #1 in the world in phone production. They have an exploding chip industry and are expected to surpass western chip makers this decade. They have the best supercomputers in the world. They are #1 in auto exports. They have a new entirely home-grown airline industry that is expected to disrupt both US and European aircraft makers. Chinese shipbuilders are now #1 and #4 in the world. And China does most of its trade in Yuan now.

This is entirely due to Trump’s totally failed economic policies. He tried to hurt China. He helped them bigly, by forcing them to abandon US firms and US currency. Smart people saw this. I posted that this was the likely outcome right here on BBAD, but I claim no insight. Anyone remotely intelligent could see it and millions did. Unfortunately your 89 IQ, grade 4 reading level, obese orange president wasn’t bright enough and got played, yet again.

Reg, it is what Democrats made it. Before Trump, between 2001 and 2015, we had a $367.2 billion dollar deficit of which almost half was in the computer industry. Somehow, I know that’s Bush’s fault.

I admit, a lot has happened in the last 3 years and China has taken full advantage of our incompetent leadership.

I’d like to read that post again.

I saw the Left use their political power to weaponize the FBI to destroy Trump for trying to negotiate fair trade with China but even an idiot can see that.

This guy…

…just tried to kill everyone on an airplane.

he’s got your smile