how do you know?
oh yeah i forgot

I wish I could tell you that life will get even more complicated for us in the future, but surely everyone discover that for themselves.

Someone tell me what Google says is happening in Kazakhstan. If you use Google a lot, you shouldn’t have to Google to know. You should be able to just tell me.
it’s the new new thing

You have a problem with new things?

New things come from growth. Do you have a problem with growth or is change just to difficult?

The government has fled Kazakhstan but no one is discussing. Google turns up issues with fuel prices.

Protests over gas prices have escalated into armed insurrection, much like the farmer protests in India. Unlike India, the government in Kazakhstan doesn’t appear to be bright enough or imaginative enough to come up with a non-violent solution. The Russians have sent in troops to bolster the Kazakh government which means that, like Belarus, Kazakhstan will be a Russian puppet state for awhile.

That’s my point, Reg. It is more than that. It is about the United Nations peacekeepers. They have made these people fearful enough to abandon their government.

Why isn’t Google teaching that?

plus and it’s about space lasers, too, in addition

I am unaware of any UN peacekeepers there.

Because their journalists refuse to report on it.

Which begs the question how you know of these alleged peacekeepers.

TikTok and telegram.

lol the un has no army

From here I googled and an article about it.

lol the nwo, isnt that some american wrestling gang?

They have money and lots of it so I’m sure they can buy the army of any country they want.

somebody is paying for something