I can‘t find my old forum anymore, where I posted mostly gliding videos. So I start a new one.

Unfortunately, there aren‘t many good gliding videos out there, which underline their pictures with good music. But this one contains both. What a great way to spend your vacation with your whole family. This German family seems to do this regularly. Wonderful.

Another video by prior gliding pilot. Most time of the video I wondered where the hell is he going to land. Interesting to allow an airport that close to a town. But I also post this video because of one commentators post:
„Props to the cameraman for filming and playing the flute at the same time. Respect.“:joy:

Oh my goodness. That looks like so much fun.

I don’t remember you ever posting gliding videos in the new site. Hope you find them.

No, she posted them in the old (pre-2018) site.

I thought as much. I guess you didn’t keep any recorded posts from that site either.

Nope. I warned everyone long before it was gone. I actually only created this new site because you told me the old one was throwing up security issues on your browser if you recall. If it hit you, it would hit everyone eventually. It was time for a change. This new software has been super stable so I’m glad I did it.

I remember the warning and I agree, it seems like it was a positive change. I love the new site. I’d love it more if I could get notifications again but I think that has to do with my phone and not your site.

But she expects Overture to be operated as a “net-zero carbon aircraft”.
That can take the form of “posh biodiesel” made out of everything from waste animal fat from the farming industry to specially grown high-energy crops,
In theory, this is a positive step into the future.

armor piercing fin stabilized
someone told me this is what hit that airplane

many people are saying that projectile was dipped in toad venom

that’s funny
poisoned armor piercing projectile
in case anybody survives
the piercing
of the armor
somebody e. coyote told me it was funny

TikTok has surpassed Google as most popular (and most reliable) website of the year.

more views i can believe, but more reliable? lol did you read that in your bible?

Most visited, to be exact.

i go to tictac when i want to know what somebody said

Yeah, the reliable part was mine because they are.

as reliable as your bible?