Let me check.

If you can filter the garbage, it’s a close second.

if you filter out the garbage there is nothing left…

….except truth…and a little humor, on occasion.

The Catholic Church has hidden a great deal from us. That why only a few people really know exactly what’s really going on.

ah yes… your versions of those things…

I can’t sleep. Just spent 10 min on TikTok. I hated it. I vaguely recall doing the same thing 6 months ago. I will probably do it again in 6 months to reaffirm my hate.

What did you hate about it, Reg? Did it offer more truth than your heart can take?

My version? It’s TikTok entertainment.

no its tiktoks income

And you put Google above that?

yes as long as they dont show me garbage

They show you what’s on CNN.

Truth? I saw some young girls shuffle dancing (not bad but not spectacular), one girl just standing there and screaming got 9 million views. I think the best one was a young girl getting fired from Tim Hortons (a huge coffee shop chain up here in Canada) because her parents are anti-vaxxers. She did a little dance and it was kinda fun and sad at the same time in an “important only to teenage girls” kind of way. I wish I could tell her that life will get even more complicated for her in the future, but she’ll surely discover that for herself.

Yes, Reg, it’s tailored to your specifications. What you requested to see. Change your request and you will get different results.

Why would I do that? I like the girls shuffle dancing more than I like your Trumpsters.

If that video was made yesterday, she’s probably learned it, again.

I assume you like them muzzled also.

i think thats how it starts: old guys watching young girls dance and then they become trumpsters…

Actually, I was thinking that it is borderline criminal to make that pretty young girl put a mask on. In Canada, one of the top stories is how some wicked criminals dared to laugh and dance and socialize on an airplane while travelling to their vacation. This world is vastly uglier than it was just 2 years ago.