First Lady

This is silly. She is not speaking in coded messages. She knows 5 languages. Penetrating her mind probably requires back and forth, give and take. I hope she can remember baby talk because Trump is still on the milk.

She knows a handful of words in 5 languages. She still speaks tortured and broken English after 23 years. She is neither accomplished, intelligent nor elegant, despite the right’s efforts to portray her as such. She also sold herself to an obese senior citizen. This is not anything to look up to.

Look who is standing tall in judgment, Jef…I mean Reg, that wasn’t nice. She has a beautiful soul. Yours on the other hand smells of puke.

There are many definitions of prostitute. She meets mine. She speaks about bullying while married to the biggest bully on the planet. She is a hypocrite and a sellout. She disgusts me.

Blah, Blah, Blah…Cry me a River, you heartless crab.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you a crab but you are heartless and need to acknowledge it.

And yet I have more heart than that prostitute ever will.

Sure, Reg, but it’s empty.

Best takedown ever. For those who don’t get it, Melania tweeted in outrage about attacking minors when someone made an innocent reference to her minor son Baron.

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When you answer your own posts, it gives me a mental image of you on your knees, begging for someone to answer.

The First Mail-Order Hypocrite finally got around to responding. I have no doubt Trumpets will find it convincing. Sane people will find it absurd, though.

Sounds like you are competing with the First Lady for something…and suffocating.

What would make a woman not a prostitute to you? Putting flowers on your grave or dusting your urn? I can’t imagine what the satisfaction of attending you in bed is.

Most women are not prostitutes to me, Mark. Those that sell themselves for money, power and prestige certainly are. None of us truly knows what’s in Melania’s mind, but she’s a public figure and we are free to have our opinions. It is likely to me that this failed model from a poor country who clearly knew her looks were fading and her career was over saw a chance to hook into luxury and stability for the rest of her life and sold herself to that end. That is the very definition of prostitute as far as I’m concerned. This is even more clear to me since they show no signs of affection and sleep in separate bedrooms.

You are lifeless then.

She seems miserable. I wonder if she’d do it over again. She could be homeless otherwise.

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I tend to not have 2 bad days in a row. I’m lucky I guess. Too many bad days in a row and you can forget to smile. Kind of like Melania. Quite different from Michelle.

Well, she should get a nice settlement in the divorce (she’s getting a little old for trump). Plus support for the kid.

Yes. At this point. I meant before she married him.

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The rumour mill went crazy early in Trump’s presidency about how she was about to divorce him and he bought her off with more money in the prenup. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if that was the case. If that is the case, it just reinforces my impression that she is a prostitute.