Fight TRANSfats - Bathtub Barbecue


lol, not six years. Maybe three, though. But I posted very recent pics not long ago.


It is not pleasant to look at. I am familiar with your appearance. Just use an R.


Interesting! That looks like the same picture you were using in 2000.


God. Hecklers. lol. Here I am 30 seconds ago complete with uncombed hair. Now it’s your turn, Mark.


Where did you buy that? Madame Tussaud’s? Setting that up by the window sounds a bit Sherlock Holmes.


I don’t have a face yet. This is what it looks like. You have to partially close an eye and it is best to view on your phone at varying angles. See how many matches you get.


Great, Mark. You should make that your avatar!


Well I love this!


I know it’s been a very long time but I believe I have seen your photo before. I am so happy that you have done this. Show me your shoes lol


I see no reason partially close anything but I think your are an amazing person, Mark, and imho, it only gets better from here.


Do you know how to change up your face?


Really, stop lying.


Stop pretending nothing is wrong.


You must like the state of mind you are in.


You can hold out for Reg’s answer, that is never going to come or you can answer me.


I would like to FaceTime you, Mark.


See, I think this is, at the very least, part of your problem.


Think back, Mark! We have already been here. I talk! You act like you are ignoring me. 3 months later you produce a photo. Do you really want to wait 3 months for the next step because I don’t even know if I’ll be alive tomorrow, much less in 3 months.


Ok fine! But don’t pop in here and tell me to stop lying because if you need to be lied to I will do it.


Your silence makes my mind wonder.