Fight TRANSfats - Bathtub Barbecue


Wonder what the hell is wrong that you can’t talk to me at all.


11 more posts and I’ll have as many as you on this page.


I’ll scratch that off my virtual bucket list in a moment.


So I can tell you have a clean house.


Ceiling fan is clean


I hate ceiling fans


In the country, they collect dust.


I’m assuming you are a good boy.


Keeping your nose clean lol


But I’m not sure about the way you’re looking down your nose at me.


Reminds me of the way Reg looks out his window at the world.


Do you know how Reg sees the world, Mark?


His views are conservative but his support is liberal.


Is your view liberal, Mark?


I don’t think it’s as liberal as California wants it to be.


My posts have surpassed yours in number. Hahahaha!

My page now! Hahaha!


I don’t show up the way I want to. Besides pictures hurt my looks. That’s what screwed up my looks in the first place.


Your jaw is broken. Stop wondering. Quijada nada.


lol why are you talking around me to Reg? :joy:. That’s funny.