Fight TRANSfats - Bathtub Barbecue


I am learning something from Marks post. Love it.


What did you learn, Daniel?


You learned this: Hyrdophobia refers to rabies especially in humans. Also irrational fear of water. That mini tub represents mass gains. Which can be good.


I learned transfats originate from vegetables, not meat. Sheds some positive light on meat-eaters :wink:


Yes that is the sell here. Look at how hard and impacted that tub of yellow is. Fat has a function and going below below a certain percentage of bodyfat also causes a drop in levels of function. This goes just the same for excessive bodyfat or just regular level of bodyfat, but no healthy functioning fat. All fat is not the same, which has been established here. But the sell is on something else. It has to do with male sexual function and dysfunction.


Reminds me of daniel.


Here is the sell. The whole vegetable thing. It is too easy to look at a meal and say “oh, i don’t see any vegetables…not healthy or you must be fat”. Or if you simply have a a tray of veggies getting a “good, now no sauces o.k.?” or “very good, keep eating like that”. The fattest most rotund creatures on earth are herbivores or vegetarians. The fattest most routnd creatures to have existed previously on earth were also herbivores a.k.a. vegetarians. Don’t be decieved by the mind here, a dinosaurs brain is as small as a pea.

What the sell is simply pointing at something as a health indicator or marker. This is usually done by somebody who has some success but has an underlying health issue or weakness. The phrase “if you don’t have health, you don’t have anything” must have stung them. For instance arich wine drinking diabetic given to frequent blackouts on a calore restricted low fat diet who owns a motorcycle, private im home theater or sports car and cannot produce an erection or clean his body.

The sell is the erection. An erection has often been the number one indicator of male sexual health. Now if somebody is not displaying one of these type of “erections” but actually in good health it is discredited. What the sell with the vegetables is an easy way out of the guilt. It is heavy impacting and rupturing. You will always have this “healthy veggie meal after protrusion” of an organ to display and excitement is easy to feign. To make it look alive simpy needs a little softening up and allowing old urine to fill it up and make it look stimulated, bouncy and excited. Very easy almost requiring no work whatsoever. But a whole lot of damage and loss. It will stay limpossible to move like some hardened pieces of stool in weak intestines do for a lifetime if no real force or pressue is applied.

This also the physical manifestation of “hardness and frustration” of character for some that matches perfectly.