Fight TRANSfats - Bathtub Barbecue

  • sausage version (no pork!!!)
    Hey, POBOWAKA (Mark), this might be something for you!
    Less fat and super fast.
    However surely more difficult to clean because of the lamb fat.
    Better to use it for grilling fish though. " a la parilla "



I am so innovative. Almost as if there was a master race divine spirit that drives me :wink: :wink: just kidding!!

I already managed to fry two fishes at one, too. A real gas saver.


Is that Reggie?


R U blind???
Handsome look, European features, light earthly reddish-broncean (Adamic) skintone, lion’s mane, noble appearance, innovative ideas…you know very well who posts under the name of “freedomrider”


You both eat mierda but if I had to choose I’d pick Daniel’s.


Give me a break. Those are pure lamb sausages and I didn’t add a drop of fat/oil to them.
You couldn’t eat better than with me.


There are these new fangled vegetable things you should read up on.


Transmission fluid always had a nutty smell to it, like there was oil from nuts.


What are new fangled vegetables? Kale? Are those better than the ancient ones?
I love baked green Zucchini. mmhh.


No, I was simply noting that your meal did not appear to include any vegetables.


I am sorry. I will try to improve.

But according to Herbert Shelton’s book, you may eat meat in the evening. Or vegetables. Just no carbon hydrates…