Favorite Music Videos


Did I say that, Dick?


No, Reg! That post alone was not overwhelming but all of it together was.


So you cried rape. Explain yourself.


I did not! Shut your stupid mouth.


What is this then?


Apparently, it’s another grammatical error. I’ll try to do better.


Hold on or hopefully this is going to hurt you in the worst way.


I’m never going to follow your rules.


The silence, the silence
The blinding ultra violence

Knocking at the door

You get one call in hopes someone will hear you and save you. Who do you call?

Put Him on speed dial! Even frostbite hurts!


Btw, be careful! I want you to choke on the meat.


The first thing I’m going to do is learn sign language. :kiss:


Ting, ting, like little nuggets of precious gold. :slight_smile::kiss:


Hey Reg. Ice has a new “album” out. I haven’t listened yet. Maybe on the way to work tomorrow.


My nuts play ping pong from the noise, lol. He’s still funny.


It’ll ruin your ride. lol. I liked this stuff when I was young and rebellious. I am neither these days.


Lol. It’s so windy here this morning. I’m going to need total concentration. Probably can’t listen to him this morning.


I only listened to 3 minutes.


The year 2018 was a good one, if although very, very busy. Christmas was joyful as always. As a farewell to it, I post this funny song by Mey about exchanging little gifts with neighbours at the early evening of Christmas Day. His great talent of storytelling draw me in that much while driving down to my family, that I missed the exit, lol.

Reinhard Mey - Es ist Weihnachtstag


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Gunda.


Just because the name of the song is Hands doesn’t mean anyone should start pinching their finger and thumb together for practice. :hugs: