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How was Hamilton last night? Was it everything you hoped it would be?



Second first post. Not sure if I’m doing this right lol What’s up, everyone?!


Hey, Jon. Cool to see you here. How’s life up north?


Yes, good to be here. Doing great! Came to check in lol


Hi Jon. Did you use another name in the old bbad?


No. Back in the day at Park Bench though was MrMapleLeaf


I remember the name. Welcome to BBad, where Socialism, Communism and Liberalism are the only acceptable viewpoints.


Meet Michele our token Trumpster.


Only acceptable viewpoints? Has anyone here tried to silence you, Michele?


Yes, but it’s ok.


Do tell. When were you silenced? I certainly don’t recall ever trying to silence you.


Last Monday


What happened last Monday?


Trumps alleged rapes. You and Will made that so overwhelming no woman could answer it.

Edited for grammatical errors🙄


I’m not mad about it tho. I know you shut me down so you could say I couldn’t defend him.
But I can and will!


Rape? Have you been raped over the internet?


I’m also very confused, but I don’t think this conspiracy involves me, so I’m going to keep a low profile about it.


Are you talking about this?