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It‘s the first time for ages I took me the time to listen to music again instead of watching tv when going to bed. And so I decided to check for new Mey songs. Yes Indeed. I haven‘t listened to every album yet. I also tried again to get into his song „Mr. Lee“, in which he sings about his son Maximilian. Maximilian died a few years ago. Mey visited the places in Cambodia, where his son moved to. And he asked people about his son. I don‘t know why, but I can‘t get into that song. The magic is missing and I still can‘t work out why. That’s why I post a different song, from the same album. It‘s about him and his wife and about appologizing after she stormed out of a Café. Serious stuff, but served with a smile. And the magic of german. His beautiful and creative articulation of the German language is breath to my soul. Verbal wellnessing, lol.


No one with a brain would defend that scumbag.


I don’t like Mey but I wouldn’t call him a scumbag.


Rape today is when a woman regrets the sex afterwards, Reggie? This could have been a quote by Trump, lol. No surprise.:roll_eyes:


Can’t figure out how to quote, eh? Don’t worry, I will help you. Highlight the text you want to quote and click the little quote button that appears.



You still assume too much, Reggie. I used the reply-function of the original post by Michelle. Or is that no legimite way to comment to an older post. Then you better make that reply-function inactive, if you don’t approve it.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:And why should I link to your original post when I extra formulated it? I didn’t expect you to have forgotten it already, lol.


It’s a totally legitimate way to do it, but if you are referencing an old post and want people to know what you’re talking about, it’s a good idea to also quote what you’re referring to, as I just did.


These guys are played heavy in my car. I love Alabama Shakes as well. Funny, when I first heard them I thought the lead was a guy until I saw a music video


I like this song but I love the video. It reminds me of my frienemy, Will.




Just noting won´t change the world to the better. Understanding and doing something against Trump, instead of supporting and defending a liar, thief, misogynist and racist. He actually is that primitive, that I hardly could imagine me anyone that low, before he stepped up into the media. I would get if you support certain points on his agenda, but I don´t understand at all when you defend the hiliariously low behaviour of him. But given, that you, just like him and other misogynists on this board, think that women generally are of lower character than men, then I am not suprised about you being blind also towards a scumbag like Trump.


First, I never will use the quote function when being on my smartphone or tablet, as copying only a certain part of a text is a pain in the ass on these devices. Using the reply-function in the original post is way easier. And as the silly rape post of yours was just recently and I just posted to a different post right before, I thought I could save me that scrolling up again to get to that reply-function and instead just write your sentence as a question and addressing it to you. I see, I need to take into account for future comments, that you aren´t that flexible, lol.


It seems Michele knew what you were talking about, perhaps or perhaps only after it was explained. Nobody else was going to have a clue.

I still don’t know who the scumbag is, but that’s ok.

Happy new year.


That‘s why there was a link in my comment, which leads to Michelle‘s post to which I replied. But true, I don‘t mind if you get who the scumbag is, as I was talking to Michelle.


Listening to Mey‘s album „Mr. Lee“, introduced me to a wonderful old english folk song/lullaby called „Lavender‘s Blue“. What a gem. His daughter Victoria-Luise sings with him. Beautiful.

I also looked for other versions of that song and found the best yet performed by Laura Wright.

Therefore I post both Versions:




Crosby was convicted on drugs and weapons charges and did time in prison. Stills was addicted to freebase cocaine. I don’t hold either of those things against them but it seems a bit preachy of them to be telling others to teach their children well.


Then you better stop especially listening to religious music, if you really put that much emphasis on the importance of moral integrity.


A beautiful little melody. Coy, but that’s what makes it so precious. And what a nice homage to a hard working woman with a heart of gold. Usually, I enjoy the poetic lyrics and outstanding storytelling the most in his songs. This time I love this melody and it‘s rhythm even a tad bit more. Listened to it the whole evening already. But as always, it‘s his accent and voice, which conquer my soul and heart within his first syllables. :blush: