Favorite Music Videos


Anoushka Shankar - Beloved




Oh boy, I guess, even with the new bbad, we won’t be spared ebonic choir music. Yikes.
I did enjoy the Anoushka relaxing tune in the morning however.


Ok, ok, here’s a white choir.


I was tempted to tune in, but I was expecting they sang black gospel music, too.
2 seconds.
Then, I noticed the hymn.
Then, I turned it off, because I am allergic to that hymn. Sorry. Maybe I will learn to love it when the EU and all commisars are dealt with and gone for good.


Shakira’s best ever. Dia de Enero.


An unusual dulcimer version of the Canon.


daaamn. This is elevator music!!!
Ofra Haza blows speakers in comparation to this most boring Shakira song.


Ofra Haza was a Zionist who died of AIDS.


AIDS? Really? Had she been gay?
Slandering old Ofra makes me very sad.



Pokey LaFarge


Pokey again - Something in the water


John Anderson - Red Georgia Clay


Moxie Fruvous


Phoebe Snow - Easy Street


Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks - I scare myself


Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln


Willie Nelson