Favorite Music Videos


lol. The funniest song in the show. All the King George songs are. I listened to the soundtrack on the way back from Canada. It was worth the hype. I did a report on Hamilton in 7th grade, but I forgot it all. This book, along with the book, “Washington” really hurts Thomas Jefferson’s legacy.


I do believe the NFL is in trouble. It’s hard to imagine but perhaps America needs this change. But I suppose the Left will go to any lengths to destroy Trump statistics.


As soon as I saw this video, Dan, I thought of you.


Do I look like him? I might.


Yeah, you look and act like him.



The plan is to…lol
Turn it way up and enjoy!


Hahaha! You guys better congregate quick before the pressure causes you to blackout. :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy:Sorry :joy::joy::joy:


lolololololol* :sob::joy::sob:


Ok! I’m done lol



Mark, this is the way it feels to live with one foot in Church and one foot in the world.


I don’t get any feeling.


You will though next time you see a wishbone. But that is more abreast than a gape hollow.


You let me worry about that!



Let’s se if you can feel this, Mark!