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Ahh, it’s nice that you have lots of festivals that you can enjoy. We have no pride festivals here. Even if we did I wouldn’t participate or show support for the things they celebrate. It’s not that I think I’m better because I’m definitely not. I just don’t believe I could ever show support for an activity I would never participate in or be a part of.

It’s odd to see you less conservative than I am on a topic. lol. I find their parade distasteful.

Well, Reg, they are living, breathing humans and as such they should be free to express themselves in a manner the best represents who they are. I do wish they would share those shameful things amongst themselves instead of in public in view of innocent children but there is no need for anyone to point out how distasteful their activities are. They know full well what they are doing every time they speak in public or have a parade.

I think there is value in expressing my distaste. No hate. No harm. No violence. But distaste.

I think Halloween is a stupid, satanic holiday. I think “trick or treat”, which means if you don’t give me a treat I will perform some trick against you, is a disgusting thing to be teaching children. I oppose the Halloween Parade in Vancouver. I think there is value in expressing that opinion, rather than letting the parade go on with no dissenting voice.

The same is true for Pride Month.

You’re absolutely right. Your opinion has great value but where are you sharing your opinion? Are you lobbying government where it counts or ranting to bbaders? Where you share your view makes a lot of difference.

Good question and good point. I tell my friends I don’t like it. I tell Erika who dislikes it more than I do. I post on BBAD that I don’t like it. That’s it. Not exactly sticking my neck out, I admit.

You are getting a little carried away. No one is going to pull a trick on you, Reg. But you are right. It is symbolic of something dark and if we aren’t going to teach our children about the love of Christ someone will teach them about a different kind of love.

Well, in a way you are but not in a way that adds value to the purpose.

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