Favorite Music Videos

You’re evil, Michele. Anyway, here’s some Japanese girl kicking ass on violin.

She also did an amazing version of the sacred Canon.

That was an evil thing to say, Reg.

Another rock version of the Canon. It isn’t very good but I like people being creative.

And an organ solo of the Canon. This one is better. Still not great but better.

And a trumpet version by Wynton which is nothing short of genius.

Lots of artists having a problem with right wingers using their music without permission lately.

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Amen to this guy. And I now have new respect for Chumbawamba. Tubthumping is in my car music playlist, amusingly. Isa and I both crank it when driving.

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The only problem I have with this complaint is that they claim it’s for everyone but it’s not for right wingers. Why is that? Probably because right wingers will abuse it or just run it in the ground with overkill. I don’t want to hear it. They make repetitive music and then complain when it’s not used according to their expectations or in this case, when right wingers use it for their own personal benefit. What is the difference between a right winger using it at a rally and a left winger using it in a demonstration? Nothing. Musicians obviously just want to complain because they don’t really like right wingers who are clearly just using it for entertainment purposes like any other Joe blow on the street. It’s stupid. They have nothing to complain about.

Tubthumping belongs to the guests at the wedding who sing it in celebration. It belongs to the Italian anti-fascists who sing it in defiance on a demonstration. It belongs to cancer patients going through chemotherapy, seeing every successful bout of treatment as a personal victory. Tubthumping belongs to anyone and everyone who does not identify as right wing. Make it make sense because you know it isn’t right. They can take their music to Hell with them as far as I’m concerned. You may think that’s harsh but musicians write depraved music that bends and destroys good minds.

Politicians have every legal right to license a song from ASCAP or the other licensing agencies and to play those songs at their rallies. Artists have every right to call those politicians assholes. Where’s the problem?

I believe it’s the music industry as a whole. From the words they write, the music they produce, the price they charge us and the self-aggrandizing singers. They attempt to lure people in with their music and then dictate who can and can’t play it.