Favorite Music Videos

its not a masterpliece like joost klein with europapa !

Oh hush, Niko. These Siberian folk singers take my breath away.

Most of your music doesn’t really have a great vibe but this does. I enjoyed the listen.

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Ok, this isn’t as good as the Turkish throat singer and the Siberian folk dancers, but it’s still cool. Punjabis dancing and Scottish people rapping all led by a female Indian bagpipe player. I love it.

I just found out Ummet Ozcan is Dutch. Gross. I still like him though. It is shameful but he cannot be blamed. He did not choose it.

Yeah, it chose him. Don’t you just want to blame his mother, though lol.

He has Turkish blood. Born in the Netherlands. He just totally lost the life lottery.

Life lottery?

I just mean he didn’t have much luck with his origins. He is having some mild success as a musician, though. Not enough to make him rich. He will probably do this for a few more years and then get a job as a clerk somewhere and die in obscurity. I will enjoy his music in the meantime.

You said it. He will probably end up being one of those one hit wonders but I like his music.

I posted this awhile ago but I found this lyrics video so I’m posting it again. If you want to improve your Spanish, I know of no better way than to follow lyrics in songs. Also, this is like the best song ever. And she is very elegant looking. Women are so much better looking after 30.

Also this. 80s Paris pop. I loved this song 40 years ago.

The song this woman wrote for her son went to #1 on the TikTok billboard in February.

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That’s brilliant, although it reminds me how unfair life is. Sometimes I envy your ability to just discard these injustices as “God’s Will”.

I envy your ability to discard the source of these injustices.

I have no idea who this is, but girl’s got game.

It pains me to admit this as they are Dutch but this is one of the most brilliant versions of Brandenburg #3 that I have ever heard. They even have a Chinese guy. I didn’t know they had Chinese people in the Netherlands.

lol lots… hmm surprisingly uncle google tells me there are only about 100k chinese here
seems very wrong when there are multiple chinese restaurants in every dutch town… they probably only counted the ones with a chinese passport, most integrated and became dutch

A rare vocal version of Pachelbel’s impossibly beautiful Canon.

Also this.

This is different. Not really my thing but I like that she pushed the envelope a bit.

I found another. It’s not as good but it’s not bad.

That’s real nice, Reg. If you turn the volume down it looks like some of them are yawning lol.

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