Favorite Music Videos


Like everyone, I assumed this was a woman singing. Looks like Freddie mercury.


Cedric Burnside has a grammy nomination. Not sure if he has won. He is the son of the legend, R.L. Burnside. RL. The most interesting thing about RL was he was found guilty of murder, but was eventually pardoned for his ability to drive an 18 wheeler.


RL Burnside helped take care of lots of children, nieces and nephews. The pardon might have been just. Dont know the details of the case.


I need to go to truck driving school.


Apparently I’ve seen this before as it’s in my favorites on YouTube. Damned if I remember it. It’s another flash mob which is a bit yesterday but I still like them.

Edited to add the exact moment Croatia joined the EU.


Yesterday flash mobs are the best. You dont see too many anymore. Could have something to do with all the police state.



The whole album was in metaphors. Can definitely hear the irish accent.


Surfing through YouTube lead me to the best version of that song I’ve ever heard. Many versions of him were emotionless, as he actually can’t understand, why people are so fascinated with it. I can’t explain it either. But I love it and can’t other than put the volume as high as possible, sing along like that student - and be happy.


I agree! Great song by two of the great ones. Personally I put on the headphones so the cops don’t bang on my door.


Another by Willie. Watch that fingerwork on the frets.


They can play this at my funeral.


Killer Mike is 43 now. Moving pretty well for his age. Hope he campaigns for Bernie again.


The Soweto Gospel Choir. Breathtaking as usual.

PS: Ladysmith Black Mambazo.


I did‘t know that Morricone wrote the music. Those few notes in combination with Joan Baez‘ voice always found their way into my soul and lifted it up, as all good music does. Only this morning I looked up the lyrics and the story behind.


Hugh Jackman. :joy:


Either Anne Hathaway is terribly in love for Hugh Jackman, or he is really one of a kind. No ego with that looks, Talents and success? I wish she is right, cause I ship for him, lol.



Love it!


Not my cup of tea. But you once posted a wonderful song by an (South?) African choir, which name I forgot. That song as well as performance was indeed great.


Usually our music taste doesn‘t overlap, but here it does. Love the melody and the catchy rhythm of the Bodhrán as well as the lyrics.