Favorite Music Videos

I love that howling part. And the piano. A great song for driving.

I have probably posted this before but whatever. Slovenians singing (brilliantly well) in Spanish.

Some kid killing it with the Ode. Brilliant! At the end they show the outdoor concert hall they made with a blue shelter. Magic. They Austrians have many issues but they still have game.

It‘s always a joy to sing along that song on the radio.

A rarely played song on rhe radio. Written by Prince. Such songs make driving pleasant.

I remember her from the 80s (I think it was the 80s, anyway). Mindless pop but pleasant enough.

It’s not the lyrics I like, but the nearly hypnotical tune. I never heard of Martika before nor will I beyond that song.

This was her most famous song. It’s sappy crap but whatever.

R Kelly got sentenced to 30 years today. I was never a fan of his music.

Are there any artists that you used to enjoy and were so disappointed when you found out they were a horrible person, that you stopped listening to them? Or an athlete that you stopped rooting for?

I do like most of Paul Simon’s music and have not stopped listening to him despite his domestic abuse incident.

My dad liked Cat Stevens. A lot. He didn’t like Yusuf Islam after he defended the ayatollah wanting to kill Salman Rushdie. Cat Stevens was never played in our house after that.

I don’t really understand what R. Kelly did. He screwed a lot of girls it seems. As far as I know he raped nobody. I am not saying he’s innocent. He may have done things I’m unaware of.

As far as others go, Michael Jackson seems to have been a child molester according to what I’ve read. I never really liked his music aside from Man in the Mirror.

I actually had read that before. That’s what confuses me. They write, "Prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York accused Kelly of using his status as a celebrity and a “network of people at his disposal to target girls, boys and young women for his own sexual gratification.”

Totally seriously, isn’t that what all those rock stars do?

uhm nope, people are people; we all say and do things that some will like and some will not like

probably a lot but not all have sex with underaged people

I just read about it. That must be it. Most of the allegations seem to be about just being a dick but some involved underage girls. He also had sex with boys which is very gross.

Yes. I believe it was the age of the victims.