Elon Musk Madness

Ok, but when your hyperbaric oxygen chamber fails to kill your cancer, and you are on your deathbed, and they tell you they can cure you with this injection, it’s going to be hard to resist.

I’ll eat more garlic.

Elon just painted over the W in Twitter at the San Francisco HQ so it now says “titter”. Then he changed his twitter handle to Harry Bolz. Is this guy 12?

He does seem to act like a premature adolescent at times. He needs to grow up, act his age and start paying more attention to his voyeur-focused employees.

Elon just totally vivisected a BBC reporter. It was beautiful.

I totally agree with Elon on this. The CBC is government funded media. How is this even controversial?

Elon kicked ass today. He is a very, very imperfect man, and I find him as irritating as hell lately, but he’s the best chance we’ve got to advance beyond this planet.

I suppose we all should be impressed by Musk and his intelligence but I’m just not. I can only think his AI scheme will keep opening new doors to the globalist agenda.

Elon is renaming Twitter to X. I’m no marketing genius but seriously? X? Wth is X?

PS: Will tweets now be called xes?

Maybe he wants people to buy a tesla model x when they sign up.

He named his cars…


definitely on purpose.

He modeled them after himself?

It comes down to build quality. I don’t know if that blame should fall on Musk or his source for inspiration. Either way, anyone who owns one of these cars are probably being spied on but they are controlled by China so they can easily be shut down.

It appears Karen is having a meltdown over her climate change inspired, poorly built electric car purchase.

Elon makes me chuckle sometimes.

This is what it means to treat freedom of expression as a principle rather than a slogan

Ignore that he is dismissing our right to know both side of truth from his principled freedom of expression. I don’t really care. I have access to the best source for Truth known to man.

I feel like a just told a lie. I actually do care about this subject but I’m afraid if I knew what they’ve been withholding from us I would be infuriated so there may be a part of me that just doesn’t really want to know. Having said that, wouldn’t it be funny if Wales took the offer and Bill Gates made all dumb people get the covid vaccine in case clicking on Dictopedia gives you a virus lol.

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Talk about confusing. Why would Jews want to weaken their biggest ally through support for immigration of Hamas?

Elon is kissing ass in Israel today to try to recover from his “antisemitic” post. He’s on a big apology tour right now. It’s quite grotesque.

Why? I guess I missed it. What did he do wrong?