Elon Musk Madness

I’m not. I see this Twitter deal destroying him.

Really? How so? He’s the worlds wealthiest man.

He hasn’t been the same since he did this stupid thing. Twitter is bleeding cash. Tesla has lost 65% of its value in 2022 because everyone sees Elon focusing on the new shiny thing. Shareholders are openly calling for a new CEO since Elon can’t stop obsessing over Twitter.

The Twitter Files has probably been a distraction but I noticed he has paid off half his Twitter debt in 4 months. In another 4 months his debt may be gone and Twitter will be all profit. I haven’t read the Twitter Files, yet, so I don’t know if or when more are supposed to come out about all that but I do believe when that part is over, Musk will be able to commit more time to Tesla. I mean, I don’t think Musk is going to allow the Twitter Files destroy his business, even though his service in producing those files are more important for the global community. I am a little surprised at his distraction though. It does seem like he Tweets a lot.

So I went back and looked at Tesla stock over the course of 5 years. At its peak, it was $800.00. I owned shares of that stock when it split Nov, 2021, to $407.00. Tesla has been in decline ever since, if you believe the chart below. The point is, for more than a year Tesla has experienced a great deal of hurdles, including the pandemic. This is not something that just happened. IMO, those CEO’s support censorship and Musk stands in the way of that with Twitter. If they can get Musk off the Board and Twitter goes bankrupt, it’s a win for them and Globalism.

I don’t know where you got that. He paid off $300 million on debt of $12.5 billion (call it 2 percent, not half). (Source)

Yes it is. On April 22, 2022 when Elon made his first Twitter stock purchase, Tesla stock was worth $336.26. It ended the year at $123.18. That is a loss of 64%. It has since recovered to $189.98 today, still a loss of 44%.

The total stock sold by Musk since April when he moved to buy Twitter now stands at $22.9 billion.
My bad. You’re right, this time lol.

Elon is a pendejo. Mocking someone who has muscular dystrophy is Trump-like.

Elon is now supporting that weird Chansley guy. He might be right on this one, though. I’m not sure.

Elon is becoming seriously weird. Cult-like.

Elon is sounding more and more like Trump.

Elon just passed Obama in follower count. He also thinks we should pause AI development for 6 months, which is nonsense. I’m not sure what he thinks that will accomplish.

I read that yesterday. He obviously thinks there is a risk involved. I can’t say I know what those risks are beyond job losses but even with that, the transition the world is making should create new jobs, like delivery service.

This may be the future in faster deliver services.

Obviously there are risks. I’m just not sure what a 6 month pause would achieve. The Chinese aren’t going to pause for 6 months. Nor are the Indians. Or the Russians.

The destiny of the human race is to build that which will replace us, and then merge into it.

I read somewhere that the pause would be to assess the risks and get it to a place where risk is manageable. It wouldn’t matter to me if they paused it 2 or 10 years.

You’ve posted this before but you never elaborate on it. Do you want to share what you think that means?

I already explained why I think that’s useless. The Chinese aren’t going to pause for 6 months. Nor are the Indians. Or the Russians.

I thought it was self explanatory. AI is going to do everything better than we do. Everything. It will cook better, clean better, drive better, and eventually program computers better, do surgery better, innovate better, govern better and think better. We will first use AI to do our tasks, but then we will use it to improve ourselves to the point where we become unrecognizable as humans, and eventually we will stop identifying as humans.

I like the way you make that sound so futuristic when in reality, it could be in weeks and I don’t want anyone putting anything under my skin.

I saw this and chose to ignore it because I’d rather some other country destroy the world.

When they tell you, “you have cancer, Michele, but we can cure it by injecting this artificially intelligent nanotech into your bloodstream which will find and kill all the cancer cells in your body”, you might change your mind.

Not likely, since oxygen kills it, too. Maybe I should correct that and say a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber will kill it.