Elon Musk Madness

Elon Musk is having meltdown after meltdown. Tesla is in a tailspin.

Rash decision or Hash decision?

A hash-rash and a bad decision.

Well, this is different.


He also wiped $14 billion off Tesla’s value by tweeting he thought the stock was overpriced.

So he’ll have to stay in a suite at The Four Seasons.

This is the mother of Elon Musk’s child. How nice.

you are a sexist
comment on elon’s appearance
you know you want to
i know you want fingernails like that

Elon is currently the richest man in the world, although I doubt he is stable enough to maintain that position for long. His appearance is irrelevant. He can get more hot girls than all of us combined.

black shirts don’t matter
black lives do
maybe not as much as elon’s life
oh look, i’m on a first name basis with mr. musk

That’s a funny thing about fame. Everyone gets to be on first names with you. The more rich and famous you are, the less anyone calls you Mr. or Ms.

I guess what I find so fascinating is that, while Elon can get more hot girls than I ever could, he chooses to date this person. His previous gf (who dumped him) was a horrid witch from hell but she was quite beautiful. This one is totally unattractive to me. To each their own.

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If you can look past the semi-gothic look that she’s trying to display or represent herself as, she looks very young and pretty. Maybe she will grow out of it. Maybe Elon will buy an RV and travel around the country with her, transforming lives in the process.

by “us” you mean candians?
cuz i got a hot girl in my pocket
right next to my magic ring

At his age he’s probably already had them all.

what the… “X AE A-XII”
poor kid, what a name!

He’s a whore. He should have his own whorologne.

He has been married 3 times, and he has a kid with a woman who is not his wife. Slightly less stable than Trump. I do not judge him. I don’t know his story. He seems to have a meltdown and say/do insane things every few months. He appears to be a tortured soul to me but I’m not inside his head so I don’t really know.

Think he has put on weight since that photo. He’ll have competition from Volkswagen, china and Toyota soon, I believe.

Yes, I googled. He has definitely gained some weight recently. It’s just amazing to see him with his woman. No hate. If I didn’t know of him I’d guess these were two Trump supporters at a rally in some redneck state, not the richest man in the world and his woman.

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Yeah, he’s so irresponsible. What about that wife though. She looks really young. I mean, he has to be at least 10 to 15 years older than her. Maybe he’s a pervert. Maybe she’s a child and he allows her to wear makeup so she will look older but her face looks really soft and her complexion is really smooth. I don’t know why people complain about her. In these photos you posted, she looks normal.