Elon Musk Madness

Twitter is stupid. I actually like FB. I keep in touch with family and old friends. I only have about 100 friends, less than my mother. lol.

Globalist guidelines for the qualification you needed to communicate your intellect.

Elon’s first week has been a disaster.

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I actually had no need to, but I did. It’s better than displaying the lack of, as the general population of Earth does lol

I don’t disagree and if Musk continues to allow intellectually disabled Twitter users to log in, it will be mostly useless, as you said, but your free speech right to dumb it down will continue to be safeguarded.

Elon is coming across like a twit, which amusingly is the title he gave himself. This is not an appropriate response to a legitimate concern.

It’s exactly the appropriate response in a public social forum. If Markey wanted an legitimate response, he could have sent Musk a DM voicing his petty concerns.

Elon’s first few weeks have been a total disaster and it’s not showing signs of improving.

At least he realizes what he’s done.


Covid disinformation is now legal on Twitter.

Yeah, you can see just how filthy it is getting there.

Elon is learning what I learned 15 years ago when BBAD started, albeit at a billion-times-larger scale. Free speech leads to brilliant speech, but sadly only a small minority are brilliant so then it leads to stupid speech, and then it leads to screaming, and then it leads to no speech at all because the screamers yell louder than the brilliant people and the brilliant people leave.

I have to admit, Elon seems to be recovering. His release of the Twitter Files has been fascinating and I totally support his push for greater transparency. For years Twitter denied shadow bans existed. Now we learn that they did exist. Twitter had become a cancer and Elon might just cure it.

This made me chuckle. It’s a big nothing and people shouldn’t read anything into it, but it’s fun.

That was a really interesting article and a weight off his Musk’s shoulders, I’m sure. I don’t think there was a safety risk though, except for the bot.
Twitter no longer has a communications department to contact for comment.

I didn’t even know Twitter had a communications department.

This is fun.

He even writes he will abide by the results of the poll. God, I hope so.


Mr. Tweet won his case. I’m happy for him.