It was a math equation. Not a trap to prove your ignorance. I really do understand your skepticism. I also watched the video you posted and since the world hasn’t ended you must think those who make such predictions are false profits. 12 years ago, I would have agreed. However, nothing is as it seems and I’m not here to discourage you or preach doom. It’s important that I share what I believe to be the truth to the best of my ability and you show discernment in what you believe to be true.

False prophets. Their profits are very real.

Thank you, I guess.

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Geez! I guess he forgot to address slumping wages but maybe there was no need to address the unimportant topics. I mean, what’s the point? They aren’t going to do anything to raise wages but I still have hope. Maybe they will cut our debt the way they cut debt for our future wealthy college graduates.

Do you support raising the minimum wage, nationally?

Idk who you are talking to but I’ll answer you. IMHO, that’s the dumbest thing they can do when they have the power to lower the price. Our products are overinflated compared to the price for a product in any other country.

So, wages are or aren’t the problem?

I am for increasing minimum wages but I am acutely aware that means that we are ceding manufacturing to Asia. Nothing is made in the west anymore. With China set to dominate car sales in the coming years, even that last area of western manufacturing is going to be lost.

This situation is unprecedented in history. We can never wage war with China unless we are prepared for the $100 tea kettle and the $3000 cell phone.

The alternative is to continue cultivating a slave-class of workers who make far less than it takes to survive with dignity. There is no good path forward.

Wages are not the problem.

I agree with this. Nobody can compete with China. They will undercut every other country with their cheap goods.

Dignity! That’s almost laughable, Reg. I’ve been saying this for several years…well not those exact words but nobody ever listens to me lol. No one cares about the working class. The elites have built a system that has worked to their advantage for entirely too long. The only way to stop China is to ban all of their merchandise and buy from your local farmers and merchants or barter with your neighbor.

That is a hopelessness mentality. What a sad day in the world with that kind of thinking.

Things I saw in my former working life that were undignified. Had garbage thrown at me by Tony Beck my manager after he came back from a 3 beer lunch the thief also shorted my paycheque 16 times. He was in a fist fight with an employee named Victor Amadin and ppl told me about him fighting employees at his former employer Seafair. At ATS though the company changed for the better after a new owner took over male employees were called bitches by the sr lead hand and he sometimes yelled at one lead hand who grew up in the DTES “What street corner your Mom working on.” He was a H.A. guy. The guy actually was upset when he ran into me at Metrotown Mall said hi and I ignored him. Lordco refused to pay overtime and once refused to hand out the paycheques until about 30 ppl called the Employment Standards Branch Bob Coleman the VP stated “ Don’t these people have 2 weeks emergency pay in their bank accounts.” At the time I was making 50 cents an hour over minimum wage. Seen employers like Damco order employees to violate the Worksafe regulations and then fight the resulting compo claims. Glad I could retire early. One place I worked at the boss expected me to deal with his wife and crying children on the phone as they begged their Dad to come home and spend time with them.

Wages are the problem both ways. They are too low and people can’t survive on them. They are too high and businesses can’t compete with China.

Are you prepared for the cost of everything tripling?

Your long posts invoke emotions. Having said that, it reads like your manager was a male chauvinist with poor PR skills and a bad attitude.

This was heartbreaking. I’m sure that dad wanted to spend time with them. Working away makes it difficult but I’m sure your words of wisdom gave them whatever they may have needed at that time. My kids went through that. They missed a lot along the way. We all did. Hubby and son are thick as two thieves now for that very reason. His little Twinkie wasn’t as fortunate. College confused her spiritually and now she talks to imaginary friends through telepathy. I’m not making up an outlandish story. She calls them friends and believes they are part of her family. I think she’s losing her mind. What I mean is that I fear the more time she spends with them the further away she may be getting from reality.

That makes them fair in America.

Timely news from my neck of the woods.

Using GPS to drive around a high traffic, smoggy city is an entry level job not worth that kind of pay to me, not to mention undesirable inflation.

We don’t have smog, Michele.

Oh, yeah I googled…you have alot of smoke though. Two fires burning at the same time miles apart, looks uncomfortable close to Vancouver.

A couple years ago the forest fires were so bad that the sun was red and some ppl encountered eye and breathing problems. Around 650 ppl died in the heatwave met a guy whose Aunt died in her place it was 55 degrees Celsius inside when the firefighters showed up. Global warming and climate change are real.

So are lasers in the heavens.

None of the forest fires were started by lasers despite what that blonde congresswoman in Georgia says. Have a good weekend.

That is probably true but the U.S. has used them probably thousands of times for no good reason that I know of. They used them in Maui. That was devastating. Nobody in the media will acknowledge those weapons exist much less share the purpose they serve. Anyway, thanks for sharing today.