It’s probably a waste of time but I felt it was only fair to watch the debaters debate Trum…I mean the issues.
The first thing I noticed was that they were speaking Spanish at the introductions. I also did not know Warren was born in Oklahoma.

Get used to it. Hispanics will be the majority in a few years. They already are in Orlando and Miami.

Warren says expand on Obama’s Health care plan and make the 1% pay for it. I wonder how many times we might here that tonight.

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You think they aren’t here? Im used to it. I just think they should speak every language if they are going to speak to Mexican Americans.

I agree. If they want to be Americans then speak english.

I didn’t mean Mexicans have to speak English. The candidates are isolating and catering one group of people. That must offend Asians and Muslims.

It’s not really surprising though. Mexicans have become a protected class.

Pete Butteget. “Medicare for all, “who want it”lol.

Kamala Harris. Crediting Obama makes her look good to the left.

Puerto Ricans too. I have met many white hating Puerto Ricans. I guess I will be called rascist for this.

Harris:we haven’t talked about Trump lol

How about Yang who wants to give thousands to everyone. He got laughed down.

Then why are you saying it?

Bernie Sanders only has one selling point. Free health care. It’s becoming obvious.

Yang? Who is yang?

He’s on the stage.

I must have gone to the kitchen.

Oh yeah? Having a pickled egg?

Lord, no! I’m eating pistachios. About to go get something else too lol.

I guess I’m racist.

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Cory Booker has had the stage for a minute and has t offered anything of substance. He just demanded you make Trump a one term president and then said we mustn’t demonize and degrade each other.
He’s going to lose.