Death Penalty

Awww, that’s sweet, thinki.

uhm wait a minute i cannot be sweet… oh yes i know: i meant that i love and care for me of course;)


lol there ya go

138 House members, all Republicans, supported the objection, as did seven senators: Cruz, R-Texas; Hawley, R-Mo.; Hyde Smith, R-Miss.; Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo.; Marshall, R-Kan.; Tuberville, R-Ala.; and Rick Scott, R-Fla.
my name is legion

And yet born again Christian Republican Party loyalist, Mike Pence rejected the objections and certified Biden President-elect anyway. It probably didn’t have anything to do with fear his dirty little secret would get out.

you can grab a woman by the syringe
and when you’re famous, they let you

Federal government executes the first woman in nearly 70 years

so what. we should let them go because they have a pussy?

nor are you aware of any war begun by a democrat
you should just disappear
did you see what i did there?
how do you spell “the disappeared ones” in sudamerican?

as are america and canada

working for me so far
howzit wid you?

reg wants just reg here
he also has a mirror just for masturbating in front of
pass the windex

I don’t support the death penalty but I won’t waste one second mourning this guy.

Me either. She’s an innocent woman who deserved to live. I hope they kill him twice.

when i saw this title i thought it was a reference to that silly penalty given yesterday evening… not to that barbaric action

so close and yet so far, oh well only 1-0 while the french dominated; it could (and should) have been a massacre indeed…

You watch women’s soccer?

of course! only the european/world/olympic championships (same with the men)

You need some Dutch men to identify as women (shouldn’t be difficult to find) and play for your women’s team.

no i dont… but if that would make you watch perhaps you should try to arrange that :wink: