Death Penalty


A person, usually female, who despises, hates, and loathes the entire male population for no valid reason. The person, again usually female, belives that all men are scum no matter what and that all men are all lying, cheating, no good assholes. This idea is usually formed at birth, or because of a bad relationship with one particular male.

Only a true fanatic could take stats that show that 83% of murder victims are men and turn them into a reason that women are oppressed. lol.

I would consider murder to be oppression.

Me too, but you’ll never hear a guy saying, “oh look at this huge gender disparity between murder victims, men are so oppressed, we need new laws protecting men”.

So, because most murder victims are men (which also are committed by men), the fact that more men kill women than opposite is irrelevant and addressing it only a matter of manhating and having a meltdown? That ignorant misogynist idiots like you and Will criticize Trump is a joke.

There is a reason why men-hating women like you must live with dogs instead of men.

She finally gave up looking for a loyal man?

she doesn’t want a man

Who can blame her. Men are not what they should be.

you seem to think it’s up to a woman to determine what a man should be. lol

It’s clear if we let them be what they want to be, they will be women. Don’t blame a woman for that, girly.

be careful
someone might suggest that your use of bbad is making you crazy
i could find the quote from reg
if i was interested in facts
i love how the qwerty keyboard puts all the useful letters under my favorite fingers

I think I wrote that BBAD didn’t appear to be good for you. You were already crazy before BBAD. :slight_smile:


Here, found it.

months or more would be good for eveyone.

Trying to run people off won’t work. Be yourself.

If you just want Will, Mark and thinki here why don’t you just say so.

lol somehow i dont feel the love and suspect reg nor anyone else really want me here

That’s because there is no love here and no one cares what you or anyone else wants.

there is and i care;)