Death Penalty

In Kazakhstan, they are abolishing the death penalty.

In the USA, they are killing another woman.

“The Trump administration said it would resume federal executions after a long hiatus last year.”

We can never show our gratitude enough. Trumps unwavering commitment to the rule of law demonstrates his love for our country.

You support murdering this mentally ill woman, Michele?

Yes, don’t you? She cut a woman open and murdered her.

No, I don’t support killing her. What she did was awful. She is obviously mentally ill. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Really? You support worse than that for Trump who has done less to answer for.

I don’t support killing Trump. I have said that many times.

Oh yeah, life in prison and bankruptcy. I just can’t remember what he did to deserve that.

Oh, I can help you with that.

Millions of Americans (2.3 million according to this study) have lost their health care under Trump, directly due to his vicious policies. This has almost certainly resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands, far more than this mentally ill woman killed.

Trump certainly deserves to die. I just hope he suffers a lot first.

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You’re sick.

Did she have any medical experience? I assume you can only do this with hopes of the child surviving in the last trimester. How far out was the pregnant woman from her expected birth date and did the infant survive?

Also this is not a unique crime. I have read about it elsewhere luring young mother’s with newborn children’s clothing.

Why do you still defend such an arsehole like Trump, Michele?

Regarding Montgomery, she seems not to be that mentally sick to not understand what she did. She deserves to get killed. The reason why I nevertheless vote against the death penalty has nothing to do with what someone morally deserves, but if it‘s moral for a state to kill someone who‘s already captured and hence is no danger to society anymore. But honestly, there are more important problems to solve, for that I won‘t waste a second on Montgomery the day she get‘s executed. I just hope, her death helps the family of the victim to feel a bit better.

a death somehow helping others… that sounds very much like the insanity that war lovers and religious people believe in

It seems to have this positive effect on most family members who have lost someone. That‘s how human nature works.

i think its twisted human nurture

Forget reason and even principle. Even if you only think practically, it’s obvious the death penalty should be banned. The countries that ban it are the best in the world. The countries still doing it are savages like Iran and China. It’s obviously not helping them any.

uhm no… if you only think practically than the death penalty makes a lot of sense, it saves a lot of money

Interesting, that those same „best“ countries aren‘t good enough for you to become a father. You are very irritating, Reggie.

lol at least when he has a meltdown he doesnt spam the forum

Absolutely. If you reduce the administrative and jurisprudence efforts.