Death Penalty

yes, they let religion play a role in all their views and the “real” believers do that to the point that its not even their own views or actions anymore

its not capital punishment or killing its their god sending people to hell


Wow it’s like you are talking about me behind my back to my face.

dont you agree?

If I agree with you will that make you my God?

lol eek no thanks

I wasn’t offering.

lol of course you werent, thats not up to you

No, it’s up to you.

i dont think so but no thanks anyways lol

You are the one who said it. If I agree with you, will i not be letting you play a role in my views?

not really but its ok, it wasnt a trick question or directed at you and you dont have to answer (i already think i know the answer)

That’s quite intriguing, thinki. You must be some kind of god so there is really no need to answer. What was the answer again?

Ah, yes I found it.
“yes, they let religion play a role in all their views”

lol ok if you want to compare me to your invisible pink flying elephant then i have to respond:
no that was not the answer (i dont believe there is 1 answer just like i dont believe there is 1 truth or 1 or multiple gods besides the ones in peoples imagination) but it was my answer to nickcafes question about what i think

I hate to break this to you but South America and Central America are different places.

What are you saying, Gunda? Women have no value?

“She includes covert killings of women as well, such as the mass murder of female babies due to male preference in cultures such as India and China, as well as deaths related to the failure of social institutions, such as the criminalization of abortion or the prevalence of female genital mutilation.”

Guess that‘s the main reason for those men and the people in charge of those countries.

Hilarious, lol. Thanks for proving my point. If you would read what’s written instead of reading only what fits into your biased little black and white world, then you would have realized, that the article I quoted deals not just with Central America but with whole Latin America. The last time I checked, this includes also South America and not just Central America. Also, the chart I linked to lists for example Colombia on rank 10 within the countries with „very high“ marked femicide rates, followed by Bolivia on rank 11 and Venezuela on rank 15. All three are South American countries. To claim that women are valued far more in South America than in the West is just ridiculous and couldn‘t be farer away from the truth.

Meltdowns or manhating. That’s what we wake up to here.

That’s your typical strategy, when being confronted with arguments you can‘t refute. You behave as idiotic like Trump. Which is no surprise, as you both have much in common and share his view on women.