Hikaru just crossed 2800 in classical. He’s less than 1 pt behind Caruana.

Chess dot com says Hikaru is ahead of Caruana now. Pragg just beat Caruana.

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Is Gukesh not at this tournament? The way Ding is playing, I think Gukesh may be the favourite for WCC.

That is correct. He is not in it.

Pragg’s sister is leading the women’s side.

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Pragg’s sister is kicking ass. I watched her kill Pia Cramling and was impressed. Pia’s daughter Anna has a fun Youtube channel.

She seems like a nice person.

Bad day for Pragg’s sister. Down to 3rd place
Great day for Magnus. Up to 1st.

Ding just blundered a tied game 30 moves in to mate in 2.

Hikaru beat Magnus today, but Magnus is still ahead.

Wow. As much as I find him irritating, he’s playing better than anyone in the world right now.

Until today. lol. He just lost to Alireza.

Magnus has really pulled away. His record with white in blitz is incredible. Last day is tomorrow, but it is basically oved.

Now Nakamura just lost to Ding. lol. This is so weird.

Magnus won. Hikaru won last year. I think he came in 2nd.

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Pragg beat Hikaru at the end. Hikaru is growing on me. He did a video on losing to Pragg and didn’t do any whining. On the contrary, he has nothing but good things to say about the young Indian. I still find Hikaru irritating and hard to listen to but he’s not an ass.

100%. I do root for him against anyone but Magnus or a few of the Indians. At least he gives decent interviews. Probably too much info sometimes.

The bullet chess championship starts tomorrow. There are 16 players, so I’m guessing it is virtual. Magnus is not playing. Hikaru is. Is is only 4 days.