A pretty game by Bobby Fischer.

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What an invention!!! It is difficult to find people to play in person nowadays. After my friend taught me at age 9, I played with my dad for a year straight. He was trying to calm my brain down to focus. I’m not sure it helped. I’d get up in between moves all the time. I played in a club from age 11 to 13. I wonder if I could beat the 13 year old ne, now. I’m quite thankful I learned the game.

I like these guys that didn’t learn from a book or computer program.

I paused the video at the point the narrator said and looked for the queen move and just did not see it. Fischer was the greatest player of all time imho.

My guess is they will fail. I like chess, but I wouldn’t get one. $400. Too bad. They seem like nice inventors and really smart. I hope I’m wrong.

Correction. 329 usd. Trump is putting a tariff on Indian chess, so I’d have to get it soon.

That last sentence was a joke. It’s becoming difficult to tell lately.

These 2 guys seem like hard workers. They first thought of doing it for the visually impaired that cannot look at a computer screen.

I love it but not enough to buy it. Those two founders shouldn’t do their own advertising.

That’s because she blacked out.

This isn’t as brilliant as the Fischer game but for a 12 year old girl to see this is just amazing. I didn’t.

The best female player of all time. She got as high as 8th. Had a terrible record against Kasparov.

If feminists were serious, they would be against any kind of separate division for women in chess. Of course, then they’d have to try to explain why women couldn’t compete with men equally, though.

I didn’t get the move either. At least not in 15 seconds. Only a few sports women are as good as men in. Putting in golf. Although, not golf. Free throw shooting in basketball. That might be it.

I would imagine billiards.

I don’t know for sure but I doubt it. They have a separate women’s billiards league and they wouldn’t if they were as good as the men.

EDIT: I’m not sure you’re right about putting, either.

EDIT: And I looked up free throws in basketball. The women play with a smaller ball, hence the (slightly) better free throw percentage.

The thing they do better than men for sure is make and raise children, but they seem to have lost interest in that sport overall.

Interesting. Looks like men are better at every sport.

Raising children is not a sport.

I chose this article about swimming because of his last comment.

Yes. Long distance swimming. I would probably agree with that.

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Neither is bitching.

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Thank you.