Pragg just beat Magnus. Coming back from behind on both time and position.

I totally feel Magnus on this.

That was interesting. Here’s another clip, a lie lol, from his test. Where’s the full video? I looked but only found clips and not many of those.

Oh, I found it and from the start it has been entertaining but I have to get ready for work so maybe finish this later.

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That was fun. Most people are lying when they say “I don’t care”.

Magnus just lost to Alireza Firouzja. He’s looking really vulnerable lately.

Vishy in 1997. Pure genius.

I actually like this Anand game even better. The Indian announcer is amusing, too.

interesting, our most famous dutch chess player (no not anish giri or even our only world chess champion max eeuwe) but the one and only jan timman has decided at his age of 72! to come back and play in our national tournament in july this year ?!

amazing, i thought he was dead lol

You once called me a Malaysian because I was born there. Doesn’t that make Anish Giri a Russian?


ah yes technically he is indeed russian!
his father is from nepal and one of his grandmothers from india so those are worthy mentions as well lol

You’re a tool, Nico.

that makes sense to me since i believe the religious, insecure, sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists see other people as tools :wink:

This series is so good.

I think Carlsen is the best of all time. He’s won 8 of his last 9 tournaments. The only one he didn’t win, he was dominant until the finals.