Funny, I’m actually studying morse these days to try to get my certification. There are some move combinations which, if turned into morse, would make for quite the experience in anal vibrations. If he actually did use this method, I think we should let him keep the win for his resilience.

If that’s true, it must have been thoroughly disappointing for Hans Norman when Carlsen quit after one move.

no news on the chess drama front except that magnus is now leading in that tournament and that he might have to (not?) play against hans again lol

Hans Niemann is becoming my favourite player because of the drama he creates just by being there.

lol and the drama goes on:

We are growing.

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You drive to Lowell for chess?

I go on the way home on Tuesdays. It’s about 10 miles away.

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all thanks to niemann! lol

Even the BBC News page now. Note, not BBC Sports. BBC News.

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Niemann has not aged well the last year.