The game has gotten more interesting. Once Carlsen made a poor move on move 34. Someone needs to make a mistake or it’s not fun.


Yes. It’s one reason computer chess is so boring.




Looks like a draw. Fabiano is going to have to play better. He was never ahead as white.


Almost 7 hours old and over 100 moves. I’m rooting against Carlsen even more now.


He’s pissed he didn’t win this game and not giving the draw. It is 7:45 over there. Time for dinner!


Game 2. Caruana has made 13 moves in 5 minutes. Carlsen has taken 36 minutes.


Carlsen is on move 15 and has taken 50 minutes and counting.


58 minutes for 6 moves for Carlsen and that includes a 14 second move.


Is taking time helping Carlsen?


Doesn’t seem to be. It’s pretty much even, but Caruana seems more agressive.


Well he sure is taking his sweet time now.


Rook d1?
Or b1


I would have played R-d1, but naturally computer engine likes b1, lol.


Oh no that would set him up for checkmate v


He’s going to lose that pawn


Black needs to eventually play R-B8. White has a better bishop, but his pawns are spread apart.


Q-e5 What will it hurt? It also sets Carlsen up for checkmate.


looks like a good move. white queen has a nice line on h7


Oh I guess that works too