that why I would have moved R-d1. threatens mate. I have some lag. Looks like both rooks are on B file now.


Now I’m confused. Why did he move his queen there?


I would ha e done rb5


my guess is white is going to Q-d6 to swab queens. also threatens Q-d1 if he can down there without black’s queen. Nobody seems concerned about the e5 pawn. Maybe they figure it is toast. bishop can’t protect it. Right now only the queen and rook can.




Lol omg. He could have secured the middle.


White is going to have to move king pawn at some point. I don’t get why he can’t take the pawn actually. It holds the rook on the 1 line.


He must be trying to bait black


Until I see the trap, I predict black wins.


I like black better as well. Although the computer has it even.


that move threatens to put whites queen in a horrible place


maybe its not horrible but I wouldn’t want it there


he had no choice


stack the pawns


white playing for a draw with swapping queens. I’m making apple bread so im hafl paying attention…


That’s fine…to me it loooiks like black has no choice again


Goodness, with this computer I have a beautiful view of the POM…






nice move