Do you still play chess, Mark?


Honestly, I can’t and I am quite proud of that achievement.


You can’t or don’t?


We met in a chess room


Mark, you don’t know how to play chess?


I can no longer play chess just like I can no longer do certain activities I had formerly done.


If we met using drugs and we removed the drugs would that mean something?


I don’t know. Should it?


What point are you making? Is this about marijuana?


Well let’s remove the chess.


No as it is not about checkers.


Chess sounds a lot like chest which seems to be a very limiting factor here.
Seems to be Dan’s chess or built up chest here.


It was just chess.


I’ve been reading about this kid. He comes from a poor family in India. His father is disabled. I really hope he kick some ass. Stories don’t get better than this.



The combined chest measurement.


What a humbling story. And the game was really interesting as well. I stopped the video and tried moving the knight but not in the same place. Fail! Really good game. I would loved to have seen checkmate.


I agree on carlsen. Not much to root for there. Kramnik was a bit of a bore, too. Garry and Bobby had such personality, even if they are/were odd.

Lot of pressure on caruana. He probably feels like hes repping Cuba as well, where chess is big.



I had a dizzy spell yesterday and I’m out of work for the first time in 32 months. Just today, hopefully. This is probably the only match I will watch. I think I ate something bad. This is one of the most boring chess matches I’ve seen.


I watched for 2 min. Interesting game to me, actually. Black has advantage in a very tense position right now. I don’t care enough to sit through the rest of this but Carlsen should win this. The commentators are saying that white has some chance for a draw though.