How can I compare it to American made phones? There’s nothing to compare it to. We don’t make phones here.

I can compare it to all the phones I’ve owned, which have all been iPhones. They are all the same. Bigger screens on some but all the same. I would rate it lower than the rest just because it emits more radiation.

My point is that the Chinese are making extremely high quality products these days.

That should surprise nobody.

Uber drivers lol? There’s something seriously wrong with this article or the journalist who wrote it. Either they are elitist globalist or a communist sympathizer because this article reeks of a communist coverup. That falls on Dan. Anyone with half a brain knows Uber drivers can’t afford to rent a Tesla. If anything, I would have guessed something more closer to reality like drunken car salesmen. Someone should fact check that, Dan. They are, imo, covering for faulty and cheap Chinese batteries.

I take Ubers all the time here. About half of them drive Teslas. Often new. The gas saving more than offsets the cost of the car.

EDIT: I always chat with Uber drivers. Most tell me they own their Teslas and use them for Uber because it’s a net profit to them over paying for gas. They don’t rent them.

Does that mean I don’t have to work weekends anymore? Crazy that this guy got to that level.

I think that’s a good thing. I’ve never heard anything positive about the union. They allegedly speak for and hold interest in the workers but do nothing good when the time to act is on them.

I’m not sure if it’s good or not, but 45% of them won’t be happy.

I couldn’t imagine buying on a Mercedes Benz.

I suppose it depends on who you ask but why would anyone by happy to pay a fee to have someone of higher authority speak for you?

Nobody in a southern state could afford one. I say send them back to Spain or Germany or wherever they came from. China is their main importer anyway.

They actually start quite reasonably now. Of course their expensive models are still stupidly priced.

They are sucking in China lately. The Chinese only want Chinese cars lately.

I don’t think we define reasonably the same.

I don’t blame them for that. They are looking out for themselves.

A Benz EQB 250 costs about $50k, same as a Kia EV6.

It’s worse than that. They simply have electric car options we do not have. Their cars are better and cheaper. Even Teslas in China cost a fraction of what they do in the west. And yes, Tesla is a Chinese car.

That doesn’t seem reasonable. What does an EQB have that cheaper vehicles don’t or what makes a Benz worth a reasonable $50,000.00?

What options?

They must be building it with cheap parts.

Really? Because Tesla is also built in Canada, Germany and the Netherlands. Does that make Tesla Canadian, German and Dutch or do you just have a problem crediting the U.S. with building a good car?

The average car in the USA is 12.6 years old. A record high. Mine is 11.9 years old and has 199,500 miles.

There are no cheaper EVs. We ban Chinese cars so almost all EVs start at $50k. Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes. All $50k and up.

BYD, Zeekr, Xaomi, Geely, Cheery, Nio, Xpeng. BYD alone is set to be the biggest EV maker in the world this year. They will happily sell you at $10,000 EV brand new. We can’t buy them.

Obviously, but they meet European safety standards.

Tesla has factories in the US, China, Germany and Canada. The Canadian factory just builds batteries. Obviously a Tesla built in Germany is a German car, and a Tesla built in China is a Chinese car. The overall company is American and I have a great deal of respect for them, even though I find Elon to be a weirdo. If I was to buy an electric car today, it would probably be a Tesla.

I am surprised at those numbers. Impressed, too. Stupid to keep buying new cars.

You’ve just about used up all the goody in it haven’t you?

I admit, Chinese cars passed the safety standard in the crash test. I bet it was the amount of plastic used from the toasters.