I think Vancouver has the highest gas prices in North America.

I think you’re probably right. We buy gas at $2.30 CAD per litre. Chat GPT tells me that in USD and in gallons, that’s $6.44 USD per gallon. I never thought I’d say this but Tesla is tempting.

Parts of California are $7.29USD/gallon. I forgot to translate Canadian dollar. So, I guess parts of California are higher.

We are paying about $3.40USD/gallon here.

lol you think its high there?

Not really, but like everything there is no consistency in the USA. I would say California is high.

That’s more than double what I pay.

lol i would have to drive to belgium to get it that cheap…


Despite lower gas prices, Massachusetts is the most expensive state to live in. Housing prices receive an F grade.

Don’t feel bad. According to Forbes, it’s not as bad as home prices in California. The median home price there is a jaw-dropping $787,000 and that’s just for a plain house with no upgrades. What I call a starter home. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that. What gives any state the right to charge such a ruinous amount of money that literally buys you nothing.

With that and their cost of gas, it is amazing they aren’t more expensive than Massachusetts.

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We are over double that in USD. Our society is totally dysfunctional.

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Nice car. They don’t build anything even remotely close to this kind of luxury here.

That’s exactly right, as is the guy’s into, “I know why Chinese cars aren’t sold in America: because they would dominate”. Chinese cars are simply becoming the best in the world.

We could build vehicles like that or possibly even better but in America we are still trying to balance on 3 wheels.

No you couldn’t. They have $1/hr labour.

I didn’t say we could make them cheaper. I said we could make them better. We use quality steel in our cars. China will melt a toaster. I don’t think we will ever see them here anyway. Biden is going to quadruple China’s tariffs from Trumps 25% on Tuesday in an effort to address climate change in a real and -counter-productive- way.

This is 1980s thinking. It is totally untrue. Chinese cars are of higher quality than anything coming out of the US aside from Tesla (which uses Chinese batteries). This kind of thinking, mostly coming from people over 50 who are stuck in the 80s, is going to leave American industry eating China’s dust.

No, it’s not. You are quite presumptuous. It has taken years of conditioning to have a strong conviction about China’s garbage. If anything has improved our government keeps that from us.

Seen any iPhones lately? They’re made in China.

Yes. I own the one that emits greater radiation than all the others built and sold before it.

Do you think it is of lower quality than American-made phones?