I totally respect the way you deal with cars. I don’t believe in car payments, either and haven’t had one for as long as I can remember. That said, I may lease my next car for tax benefits. That’s just purely a tax consideration, though. I get to deduct the entire car if it’s a business lease, whereas I only get to deduct a much smaller portion if it’s a purchase.

I’m toying with this Nissan Ariya. Full electric, looks nice to my eyes, has great reviews, and they’re desperate to sell them so the price is right.

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Nice looking car. No transmission!

If the frame is bent, you won’t be able to realign it. What makes you think the frame is bad?

I think it is just rusting out. The whole body has probably had its time. I don’t feel great driving it. Outdoor does a nunber on New England cars.

I do have a garage now, so next car shouldn’t rust as much. I know salt water winds are even worse, but we salt roads like crazy in the winter.

Sounds like you’re ready for a new car.

As much? Encouraging lol. You should probably buy something cheap and trade it off when it starts squeaking.
Why don’t you drive your wife’s car and buy her a new one?

I’m paying for it, so I get the new car. She doesn’t have a car payment and probably won’t for a very long time if ever. She’ll be driving a 4 year old corolla cross for free in 4 years. That’s awesome.

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Last night I did a comparison on the car you’re looking at and I think it’s a really great choice for you. It’s nice and spacious, so you can take your family with you wherever you go. There’s lots of room and I loved that it offers ToyotaCare, a maintenance plan to rotate your tires and change your oil. The comparables do not offer a no-cost plan. I think you’re really going to love this. In fact, because of how long you’ve been driving your SantaFe and the way you hold on and take care of your vehicles, it would not surprise me if you hold this one, too.


That was interesting, Reg. I had no idea Musk created such a piece of crap but then I guess he can afford to waste his precious time and money designing worthless toys and what is likely the most flawed vehicle ever manufactured. Good job finding this one.

Tennessee is charging an extra $100/year to register a hybrid. $200 for an EV.

lol. Backward hicks.

This is so complex. They are absolutely right. It is an existential threat to the US auto industry. If the US lets Chinese cars in, all US automakers will die within 20 years.

On the other hand, all other US businesses will become uncompetitive or at least less competitive without access to cheap electric vehicles.

I have no idea what the right decision is here.