You didn’t read the article did you, Reg? It has less to do with sexy than size. The bolt is an ugly car but then I’ve never even entertained the idea of owning a small or boxy car, electric or otherwise. The Silverado is bigger and Americans prefer bigger vehicles. Mostly, because we like space for our guns. I prefer the newest Dodge Ram. Not electric but 702 hp.

That just kicked Rivian off my possible purchases list (not that it was on that list to start with, mind you). I keep my cars past warranty, and if one of them gets dinged, I am used to a $250 bill, to get some guy off Craigslist to fix it. Not $42k.

Oh, good grief! Wouldn’t you hate being the owner of that vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it costs $42,000 to fix it or that it was made to look exactly as it was, its damaged and that will appear in the title search.

Honda is finally making a BEV. it has poor range, slow charging and a boring interior. I can see why they don’t want to make it. They make the best car engines.

It doesn’t move me any but this part was very interesting to me. That could make a real difference to house-owners. It won’t help me any as I have a condo, but house-owners might care.

The system is based around a bi-directional smart charging hub, which can monitor the status of the electricity grid. If the grid has a surplus amount of energy, the hub will charge the car connected to it. If the grid is in a power deficit, the hub will siphon power off the car and either sell it back to the grid or use it to power the building it’s connected to.

When the technology is in widespread use, Honda says this intelligent charging management will help to chop the top off daily power peaks and prevent blackouts from over-exerting the electricity grid. Honda also reckons the system could slash between £400 and £500 off its customers’ yearly energy bills – and high mileage drivers might claw back as much as £1000.

Yes, but they are relatively cheap compared to most EV’s. Not as cheap as the Leaf though.

It moved me enough to Google about it although you couldn’t pay me to own one. Damned things are too expensive to fix.
I personally don’t think it will ever get off the ground. Mostly, because between our government and big corporations we are constantly under assault. Nothing they do is for our benefit. If it doesn’t kill us or break us it won’t come to America.
Here are the hidden costs you will have to pay if you buy one.

Looks like China is well ahead in battery technology
Unless, they are wrong. I wouldn’t count Japan out.

That’s actually quite concerning. If China wins on battery tech, they win the world. There is no more important field of science to the human race right now.

I would.

Japan is banking on solid state.

I’m not sure I understand why solid state is such a big deal. Certainly for stationary installations like houses (Tesla Powerwalls, etc.), it seems to not matter at all. A liquid or gel state battery in a sealed housing requires zero maintenance.

In cars, I can see the advantage as solid state will be much lighter and smaller (or the same size with longer range).

Also this.

Found darryl!

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Tesla and Ford partner on EV charging. In a Twitter Spaces event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Ford CEO Jim Farley announced that owners of Ford electric vehicles would be able to plug in at more than 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in the US and Canada starting early next year. Tesla’s charging network is currently only available to Tesla drivers, but Musk said, “We don’t want Tesla Superchargers to be a walled garden.” Access to charging is key to spurring EV adoption: In a survey last year, 61% of respondents who hesitated to buy an EV cited charging logistics as the top barrier.

I don’t know why this is making Main stream news.

I’m surprised you’re surprised. It’s huge news. This makes Ford much more attractive to me.

It’s less important than some other news, like the Biden Administration and DHS lumping together the Cross and the Swastika.

You still have a climate issue with gas-powered chargers, not to mention what you will pay every time you have to change the battery.

The cross and swastika are both thousands-years-old symbols of peace. That some Germans tried to change the meaning of the swastika a hundred years ago can’t change that.

An odd concern, given how much we pay to fill up gas.

Not here. We get our power from water dams.

Reg, sometimes I truly question your degree of education. The first known use of Swastika was for marking cattle. The Cross has always been a symbol of forgiving Grace.

What’s odd is that you think I’m concerned. I’m just bringing to attention that if your battery doesn’t last the declared 10 years, it will be much more costly than gas-powered automobiles.

You can just buy your replacement battery from china in 10 years.