Jagmeet’s take is different. He’s alarmed. This from a guy who wants us to pick a fight with India over Khalistan and to antagonize a billion Hindus by calling the 1984 massacre a genocide. I’d call Jagmeet a willing participant in a foreign group’s efforts to interfere in Canadian politics.

There is no evidence of willingness on anyone’s part that I recall reading in this article. What makes you think Jagmeet was a willing participant?

Sorry, you have to know Jagmeet a bit to understand my post. There was nothing in that article about him indicating a willingness to interfere in Canadian politics to the detriment of Canada and to the benefit of a foreign group. Here is the proof of him doing that directly from his party. First, it wasn’t a genocide. Second, if we call it a genocide, we immediately start a conflict with a billion Indian Hindus who are generally friendly to Canada. If that’s not to the detriment of Canada, I don’t know what is.

Where do you align yourself? Obviously, you live in Canada so that must make it difficult.

I am Canadian first, a Colombian second, and a Malaysian only on paper. I love Canada and Colombia. My only connection to Malaysia is that I was born there. I don’t go there. I don’t visit often. I have no money there. I don’t really stay in touch with the family there.

I don’t expect either Canada or Colombia to take sides in the other’s conflicts.

I understand that. You live there, but I thought you once voiced your support for the Sikhs. I also thought you went there often. Idk, maybe I misread something.

No that’s not right. I totally oppose the Sikhs bringing their Khalistan fight to Canada. I don’t care one way or the other if they separate from India. Why drag Canadians into this?

That said, I am also totally against the Hindus for murdering a separatist Khalistani Sikh in Canada.

Really, I hate both sides in this conflict and wish they would both take their stupid fight out of Canada. We want no part of this fight. They can both go and kill each other in India and I guarantee we won’t disturb them there.

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So this guy wants a US model for health care in Canada. What a good idea. I doubt he’ll get anywhere with that.

You should hope he doesn’t. Terrible idea. Our system tracks women carrying babies, from pregnancy through birth until the child has a file of their own.

May I asked what happened to your healthcare because last you reported, Canadian healthcare was free for all and the best healthcare system in the world. No one pays for anything and every procedure deemed necessary was handed over to qualified doctors.

Canadian healthcare is free for all. It is among the best in the world, although perhaps the Scandinavians are better. That’s debatable. I was being sarcastic when I said what a good idea.

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Sarcasm doesn’t read well. I’ve tried it. So what makes you think Scandinavian healthcare is better?

Vancouver airport today.